Friday, September 30, 2016

Pumpkin Spice Herringbone Cowl Update

I am loving the Fall weather here in the Wasatch Mountains!! We actually received a foot of snow on the peaks last week. On Tuesday they are forecasting more snow!! I really love this time of year. It is cool enough to go on nice long walks! We have had some thunderstorms lately and man has the thunder been loud. I think it echos off the mountains and just shakes the house.

I have been trudging along with my Pumpkin Spice Herringbone Cowl. I had to order more yarn because 3 skeins is just shy of completing it, so it is in hibernation until I receive the new supply.

The pattern for the Herringbone Cowl can be found on Little Monkeys Crochet blog and she has a new accompany slouchy hat that I am going to work up while waiting on my yarn to arrive. I ordered more of the Cascade Avalon yarn in the Sandshell and will hook up a slouchy to match my cowl. I actually wore my cowl last Saturday and it is so cute and comfy. I think a matching slouchy will be perfect!! The name of the slouchy pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet is Carlyle Slouch. I will do mine in just the Sandshell where she has a tri-color done up in hers.

What's better than crocheting and a cup of joe!! I am just loving the color of the Pumpkin Spice Cascade 220 Sport Wool yarn!! I will need to block it once I am complete, but that will be another week or so.

Enjoy your weekend!! Hopefully I can rake up all those gorgeous leaves before the rain and snow come in although I just love the looks of fallen leaves everywhere!! Not so great to clean up once wet from rain and snow though.



Monday, September 5, 2016

Sandshell Herringbone Cowl

Well, winding my yarn inspired me!! Rebecca Langford over at Little Monkeys Crochet just published a new cowl pattern, Herringbone Buttoned Cowl. I love the herringbone stitch and the cowl looked so cute and easy.

I started this cowl on Saturday and completed it on Monday. I could have completed it in a day probably but I was crocheting in between tasks of packing and normal household duties.

The yarn I used was Cascades Yarn Avalon which is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. It stitched up larger than what the pattern called for in gauge so I had to adjust my rows and number of stitches to reach the specified size. This will be a staple in my Fall and Winter wardrobe!!

It was such a quick and easy pattern that I have another one on my  hook now. I am using Cascade 220 Sport yarn in a pumpkin spice colorway.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lack of Creative Juices

Summer has been a bear on my creative juices! I have barely picked up my hook since mid-June. I was on such a roll and then Summer happened. And it isn't that I have had so many active outings that I just don't have time to hook. Nope, it is that I have become a hermit and have hid away inside. Away from the heat and away from the tourists.

I have constantly pinned new crochet ideas on to my Pinterest boards, but I haven't had the creative juices flowing enough to actually do anything. I know this slump will pass, it always does.

I will also be moving come mid-October. My plans were not to move until next summer, but an opportunity arose that we just cannot pass up. So my slow plan of packing and organizing is now compressed into only a month and a half. It is even harder on me since my husband is still away until mid-October. So beginning this Labor Day weekend I will start packing and discarding any items we don't need any longer. I was going to go to Colorado Springs and meet him for a long weekend get away, but we decided that with the move and Disney World vacation coming up we really needed to save our pennies and tough it out for another 6 and half weeks.

What I have been doing of late is adding to my stash!! Craftsy had a Black Friday sale this past weekend and I decided to buy some of the yarn I had been eyeing for awhile. It all came in yesterday!! Most of it is in hanks so I broke down and ordered a yarn winder. It will be in on Friday! I have a few hanks already in my stash and my attempt to hand wind was an epic fail. So with all the extras I decided to purchase a winder. Hopefully spending a few days winding gorgeous yarn will inspire my creative flow again.

I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update. I am still here, but just in a slump.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Crochet Top Update

I am loving the Ventura Swing Tank Top pattern. At first I was comprehending the pattern wrong and it was turning out really, really bad. I looked at the picture more carefully and re-read the pattern. I realized when she was saying to do something twice she meant the whole sentence not just the last stitch. Luckily I was only 3 rows in and was able to fix my mistakes.

As usual when I first decided on this pattern I ordered the amount of yarn it called for. I realized once I began I wanted the top slightly longer and required probably 2 more skeins of yarn. Of course when I went back to the Craftsy website to order more, the colorway I had chosen was sold out and it was a clearance item. So I had to search for the Cascade Sateen yarn and guess what, Cascade has discontinued it. Lucky Me!! I found another colorway that I thought would match the denim blue nicely and ordered 2 skeins of it. It is a silver colorway and I think it will work up nicely. Well be who I am, I decided I wanted to do the straps and neckline differently. I'm not one to wear such thin straps so I began perusing Ravelry to find a top with a good neckline that I thought would compliment the body of this tank top. That also meant I needed more yarn. So back to searching for this yarn. I found what I hope to be the denim color and ordered 2 more skeins. It has not yet arrived so I don't know if it is. I figured worst case is it will be a shade lighter or darker and it will work up fine.

The new neckline I decided to go with is a pattern by Lion Brand called Sabrina Tunic. The pattern is free and I like the capped sleeves. Since I decided on this change up after I had about 16 rows completed I will have to do the neckline separately and then combine the two.

I think the striping will help combine the two separate patterns together smoothly. I just hope I can do the connection properly.

Until next time, be creative!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed my Work that Stitch Wednesdays. I think the research and tutorials I found will really help me when the time comes to begin the Tree of Life and Enchanted Garden Tote projects. My goal is to make a small throw blanket from the Tree of Life pattern and frame it. I have the perfect size frame that I think will showcase the blanket nicely. This will be a more Autumn project since I will be working with 100 percent wool. The weather is becoming way too hot to begin working with such itchy and heavy yarn.

I have been going through my stash and trying to decide on the perfect color combo for the Enchanted Garden Tote project. I have narrowed it down to a couple of color schemes and will begin this project in July. I think this will be a nice size project that I can work on just about anywhere.

So What's in the Project Bag now? I am still working on my Diamond Blanket and nearly have all my full diamonds complete. Once the full diamonds are done the others will be so quick. I am loving the colors I have chosen and really cannot wait to begin the joining process. I know this will become very tedious so this is why I am taking my time with this blanket and enjoying the process.

I found the cutest tank top crochet pattern on Craftsy the other month. Yes I have had this pattern for a month now and am just beginning it. I am using Cascade Sateen yarn in this wonderful denim blue. The pattern is by Adorish and is called The Ventura Swing Top. This will be my first venture in crocheting a top. I am hoping this will be a quick project, but you just never know until you dive in.

Enjoy your week and be creative!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday - Picot Stitch

This week's stitch is the Picot Stitch. This is a cute decorative stitch, and that is really all it is. It is used as part of edging mostly but can be used in different parts of any pattern. To make this stitch you chain three and then insert your hook into the third chain from the hook (your beginning chain stitch), yarn over and then pull the yarn through the loop. You then proceed on with the row.

Photo source.
 This stitch is used in the alternative panel pattern in The Enchanted Garden Tote. The tote has a couple of side panel patterns that you can choose from.

Photo Source AFWifeCrochetNut
Very pretty and intricate design!! I really cannot wait to finally dive into this project!

Until next week, be creative!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday - Standing Stitch

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying my Wednesday posts. I am really learning a lot by doing these posts. Researching for tutorials for these stitches has really helped me understand the steps so much better. I hope it has help you as well.

I wrote about post stitch in my first installment of Work that Stitch Wednesday in this post. The Enchanted Garden Tote uses this stitch in a variety of ways. Bpsc (Back Post Single Crochet), Bphdc (Back post half-double crochet), Bpdc (Back post double crochet), Bptr (Back post treble crochet), Fpsc (Front post single crochet), Fphdc (Front post half-double crochet), Fpdc (Front post double crochet) and Fptr (Front post treble crochet) are all the post stitches throughout this pattern. So glad I have been checking out tutorials on the post stitch!! I will need to look at a few more tutorials for the different variance such as the half-double crochet and treble crochet post stitches, but I am at least familiar with the process already.

In my second installment of Work that Stitch Wednesday I wrote about the Bobble Stitch. Again this stitch is used in the Enchanted Garden Tote. It is called the Bubble Stitch in this pattern but it is pretty much the same stitch. A few great video tutorials can be found by clicking on this link.

Standing Stitch

The Standing Stitch is the stitch I will be writing about today. This stitch allows you to begin a new row in a new color without having to join the yarn the a slip stitch and chaining one and then a single crochet. I have used this stitch in the past but never really knew it was the standing stitch. Now that I have studied the tutorial I do believe this will be my go to stitch when I am working with rows of multiple colors. It keeps the edges so much cleaner! Please check out this terrific tutorial by Marly Bird.

The Standing Stitch is used in the Mandala portion of the tote at about row 8 right before you begin the Crocodile Stitch Flower and then again at around row 30.

Photo source
Until next week, be creative!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday - Crocodile Stitch

Hello everyone! If you have followed my blog you know that I am a planner. I research a pattern and break it down to the tiniest details before I dive into making the project. As I wrote about the Enchanted Garden Tote many months ago, I am still in the planning stage for this anticipated project.

The Enchanted Garden Tote is a purchasable pattern so I won't post all the details of it on my blog, but I can breakdown a few of the trickier stitches. As with the internet you can find so many free tutorials and patterns that you may never have to purchase a pattern in the entirety of your creative endeavors. I do find that some patterns are just worth the money and I will splurge on them. I did with the Enchanted Garden Tote and thrilled that I did. As I posted before, this pattern is a three pattern combination and is nearly 100 pages. I am still reading over the patterns and making my notes. (my planner personality gets the best of me sometimes)

One of the more interesting stitches is the Crocodile Stitch. A wonderful written beginner's guide to the Crocodile Stitch can be read over at Red Heart. I love how they explain the stitch as a layered look stitch. This stitch can add so many different variances to a project.

You can see how this stitch creates a beautiful flower.

Picture Courtesy of Courtney Laube Designs

My goal is to practice the stitches in this pattern before diving into it. I figure if I get the concept of the special stitch combinations prior to actually tackling the project, it will go much easier and enjoyable. It's no fun when you work on a project to just get stumped because of a certain stitch combination and its wording or technique. If you are interested in this stitch, check out the video tutorial by The Crochet Crowd below.

Until next week, be creative and have a wonderful week!!


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pinterest Inspiration - Quilt Blocks as Framed Art!!

My obsession with Pinterest is relentless, but I do come across some really wonderful inspiring ideas! I have put quilting on the back-burner somewhat because I do not have the correct walking foot to machine quilt. I could hand-quilt, but I'm just too lazy. Yeah, I will admit my laziness when it comes to hand sewing. It could also be that my fingers are not a nimble as they once were.....

But, what did I find on Pinterest?! Great idea of framing applique quilting blocks! Hear are a few pins I came across that are so inspiring!

Going top clockwise:
1. They sandwiched vintage hankies in glass and used the striped wallpaper as the matting effect. So Genius!!

2. Crazy Quilting block..Love all the textures and gorgeous embroidery.

3. An applique quilt block of a gentleman and his pet. This would be a great idea to make as a story board.

4. An old discarded window transformed into a frame for scrapped quilts. I do have a couple of quilts that are fraying and will not be able to repair, but you could also make mini-quilts and frame as well.

There are endless possibilities!! I think these little projects are a great way to familiarize oneself with quilting especially applique quilting. You can work up adorable artwork that are really just practice pieces. These would also be great gifts to love ones and friends as well as ways to use up many of the smaller pieces of fabric one might be stashing for a quick and simple project. 

Another great use of an old window or even a large pane door. 

Terrific way of showcasing small quilted blocks and still not spending too much on a frame especially if you locate clearance frames at your local Michael's Craft Store or Pier 1 Imports. Even if there is small scratches you could easily paint the frame to correspond with your colorful quilt pieces.

Cheers, Winnie

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday

Hello everyone! To follow up on last week's post on a favorite stitch of mine, I would like to further examine the pattern Tree of Life and discuss another versatile stitch used in this pattern, the Bobble Stitch or Popcorn Stitch. This stitch is used in the flower portion of the afghan. This is the area of the afghan that divides the top from the bottom with rows of beautiful flowers.

Picture Courtesy of ArtyCaelitha at

A very lovely raised texture stitch that can be a little tricky at first. The stitch begins with a double or triple crochet but you end up having 4 loops on your hook before completing the stitch. For us hookers we are kinda use to only two or three loops at once on our hook. I believe this is why knitting is so frustrating for me to learn. All Free Crochet has a great video tutorial by The Crochet Crowd on the Bobble Stitch.

Until next time, have a creative week!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going great and creative.

As a crocheter there are days and even weeks where I might not pick up my hook. Crocheting takes a lot of thinking and counting especially the more tricky stitches and patterns. Even though I might not be hooking up a project, I am still browsing through the internet and my books enjoying the art of crochet visually. It is amazing how a simple stitch can create an extraordinary piece of art from a hanging tapestry to a simple dish cloth. And yes I consider a dish cloth a piece of art as well as an elaborate tapestry.

I want to share with you a stitch that I find is simple yet can create amazing work. The post stitch is such an easy stitch yet very versatile. The post stitch is normally a double crochet stitch that you work around the previous row double crochet post. This stitch creates a ribbing look and can be used as a border to a brim on a hat. The post stitch can add a visual, texture look to any project. One of my favorite patterns that is based on the post stitch is the pattern found on Lion Brand called the Tree of Life.  This is a pattern that is on my list of projects to complete this year.

Picture courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of ArtyCaelitha at

This is a great video tutorial for anyone who might be interested in this simple yet very versatile stitch, the Front and Back Post Stitch by the Crochet Side

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy your week.

Be Creative,


Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

How many have these crochet topper hand towels hanging from their stove? I have had this one for 10 years now. My husband's aunt gifted me this one along with a couple of others that have long gone to crochet heaven. This one is about to have its burial ceremony as well.

Love the flag and color, but it is time for a new one.
So today I decided to replace it with my own version. I purchased a bunch of kitchen towels the other day for a dollar or less each. And decided to add my own topper version.

This towel was so large that I had to do a 4 top fastener and cut it in half. But I loved the cheerful colors so much and it was only a dollar. Why not bring out the scissors and get to work.

I love how it turned out and its extra large size. I tell ya I cannot live without my crochet topper hand towels on my stove handle. I worked up an easy double crochet stitch along the top.  A very simple crochet topper but will be utilized for so many years!! I have a few others I plan on working up soon as well.

On the Spicy Diamond Blanket front, I have been hooking up plenty of the full diamond colors. I have two other colors that I have to do still, but once all the full diamonds are completed this blanket will be done pretty quick.

Cheers, Winnie

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spicy Diamond Blanket Progress & Scarves

Hi everyone!! Well I have been working on my diamond blanket for the past couple of days. I have all my orange full diamonds completed and now working on my mustard yellow ones. I am loving how they are working up!!

In the first picture you can actually see the mustard yellow color compared to the other two. I am going to work up all the full diamond ones in each color and then do the half diamond ones and so on and so forth.

You may remember me writing about hooking up a couple of items for my sister prior to her trip to Amsterdam. Well life does get in the way and I didn't complete the scarves in time for her trip but I have a couple of Christmas presents completed in March. Hey you gotta make those lemons into lemonade!!

Love how the cardinal red scarf turned out especially with the added row of buttons. I tried the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn for the blue denim one. My review on this yarn is that it is okay but I don;t think I will work with it again. I don't think the ombre affect really works and I prefer soft yarn for scarfs where this yarn is an acrylic mix that is on the rough side.

I ended up going with my own pattern for the Cardinal Scarf. I just did the Long Crossover Double Crochet stitch in a width I liked and length that I thought worked. The denim ombre scarf is the Estelle Button Cowl pattern by Fiber Flux. I made it into a scarf instead of a cowl.

Until next time everyone take care and stay creative!!



Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Geeky Love of Project Planning

My Geek Confession

Yes, I am such a geek when it comes to being organized and planning! My daughter makes fun of me when I get excited about a spreadsheet or accounting program. What can I say? I'm a geek!!

So speaking of My Geeky Love of Project Planning, I found a gorgeous and I mean gorgeous tote bag pattern on Ravelry just the other day. I of course saved it into my Library, but I couldn't just leave it in there. I kept looking at it and pulling up everyone's project info. I really do not have the time or yarn to do the project right now. I have way too many other projects that I need to conquer and complete, but there isn't anything wrong with "planning the project", right?

The project is The Enchanted Garden Tote by Courtney Laube. Now this isn't just some ordinary tote it is definitely Enchanted!! You have to use 3 different patterns to complete this tote. Yes, you read correctly, 3 different patterns! It will be a challenge. I will have to only have this pattern on my docket when it comes time to begin.

Picture courtesy of AFwifeCrochetNut 

Picture courtesy of AFwifeCrochetNut
Now isn't that just a beautiful project!! I have printed all of the patterns, which came to over 100 pages. I placed them in a 3 hole folder with tabs. I have highlighted areas that I need to keep an eye on when I begin the project such as when to switch from pattern to pattern. Yes, you have to work with all 3 patterns at the same time. Like, you might need to use pattern 1 for rows 1 - 7 and then pattern 3 for rows 9-13 then back to pattern 1 for rows 14 - 16 and then pattern 2 for rows 17 - 21 and so forth and so forth. So I am definitely reading this complete project prior to beginning it.

I have actually set up its own board in my Pinterest account. I am looking at different color schemes and pinning other completed projects to this board. I just love the looks of this project and if the first one turns out great then I will make more as Christmas presents to a few of my sweet family members (only the sweet ones though)!

That is my Geek Confession for this week. Everyone have a great rest of the week!!



Saturday, February 13, 2016

Progress Report & New Queued Projects

Hello everyone!! We have had a very warm week here in the Wasatch Mountains. At least most of all the snow over my eaves have melted. I was starting to worry about the ice slab over my kitchen windows. We are expecting snow next week so yay!! It is a busy week in our town due to President's Week or Winter Break. Lots of people in town!! I think we have had maybe one week of little to no tourists here and luckily that was the week my son was visiting. It is what it is when you live in a resort town. I wouldn't change where I live for anything.

Just a quick progress report on how I am hooking along on my baby blanket. I am half way done and very pleased with how the colors are working up so lovely together.

I have also queued some new projects in my Ravelry account. My sister is going to Amsterdam next month and I wanted to make her a few items to keep her warm during her visit. She lives in Florida so really has no good beanies or scarves for wet cold weather.

A cute pairing of a cross over long double crochet stitch cowl and hat. A very well written pattern at Crochet n Crafts blog. I love finding matching items made by the same person who also writes great patterns. I plan on using a very pretty cardinal color. My sister has dark brown hair and looks great in all shades of reds.

Love this poncho by Garnstudio. The neck is actually knit so I will be using a rib crochet stitch for my neck instead. I plan on using a pretty oxford grey for both the poncho and cable twist beanie.
All patterns are free and have a link to the website or blog.

Everyone enjoy your weekend. I have a 3 day weekend, so I will be savoring every minute of it!!
I will leave you with some bright colored flowers. I have a few bulb plants on my kitchen counter absorbing all the luscious sunlight they can each day. This week my planter of daffodils bloomed and has just brighten my kitchen wonderfully.

Bright yellow daffodils with a nice hot mug of coffee to get my weekend started. Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day I thought the XOXO mug was appropriate.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

Hello everyone! It has been unusually cold around here in the Wasatch Mountains, but this weekend it has warmed up considerably. Maybe some of the piles of snow will melt out of my courtyard.

I last wrote about working up a baby afghan for my boss. I finally received all the yarn I think I need. I had to order from 3 different websites, but finally received the colors that my boss likes. Also luckily today I received an email from Amazon showing that the Lion Brand Organic Cotton is in stock on their website as well. Bonus is that they are all available through Prime. So I might order a few more skeins just in case I need more.

So What's in the Project Bag?

I am loving the color combo! I was going to go with a ripple pattern but when I began hooking it up I just didn't like how this particular yarn looked. I decided to go with my Tried and True stitch the Linen Stitch. The bonus about this stitch is not only the stripey goodness it does, but it is a pattern that I can watch TV and hook at the same time without worrying about a missed stitch.

While waiting on the Lion Brand Natural Organic Cotton yarn to ship, I started on another project. I am using the gorgeous yarn my dear hubby gave me for Christmas. I did order another color through Craftsy. I really vibrant mustard yellow.

My camera didn't really pick up the yellow color all that well. I am working on a Spicy Diamond Blanket. It will be a long term project. This is one pattern that I cannot be distracted while working on. I came across the pattern on Pinterest and although I should have just pinned it I had to begin this project!!

This is the blanket that Kristen made up and provided such a wonderful pattern and tutorial on her website, Haak maar Raak.
I really loved that she also provided a layout template that you can print out blank. I played around with my layout and came up with the one you see in my project bin above. One thing I do love about searching for a project is the planning. 

On a different note, my son was in town this week and we were able to hang out and catch up. We enjoyed the empty slopes during the week.

He can be such a nut and always makes me laugh. But I am proud of the young man he has become.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Soup & Finished Projects

This weekend was a cold one!! We had a dusting of snow and I took time out to finish up my scarf and a beanie I decided to hook up to go with it.

I'm happy with it and it will keep me warm and cozy for the rest of this cold forecasted winter!

I am a soup lover and make a pot of soup each Sunday for my lunches through out the week. I came across a yummy looking soup on Pinterest the other day and just had to make it. It is called Veggistrone. I didn't add the cauliflower because I just don't like the texture or taste of it. But everything else was added and it makes a huge batch. I was able to freeze two gallon size ziploc bags of it. Now I won't have to make any soup this coming Sunday.

For most of the weekend I stayed inside sipping on cups of hot tea watching the snow fall. I did go out on Monday (since it was a holiday for me) and went skiing. The slopes were packed and my poor husband had to assist a poor guy who broke his leg. One thing about being a ski instructor, he stops to assist anyone who has fallen or looks distressed. It was good that he stopped because the guy's buddy was frantic and didn't know how to contact ski patrol. We still had a nice day on the slopes and of course I ended up taking a wrong turn and the husband had to wait for me to go back up the ski lift and finally take the "left at Albuquerque" (my Bugs Bunny analogy). We finished our day of skiing at our favorite pub, BoutTime. They serve this appetizer called Irish Nachos and they are just yummy. They are fried potato chips with bacon, sour cream, ranch dressing and cheese. Delicious!!

Stay warm and dry during these cold winter months. 


Sunday, January 10, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's new year has been great thus far!

I have been very lack luster in working on any crochet projects these past few months. I have been suffering with some health problems and just haven't had the energy to do much of anything. But hopefully the health issue will right itself soon enough with the right med dosage.

So what do I have in my project bag right now?

I'm on the last part of this scarf. I just need to finish up with a row of single crochet and then add some fringe. I'm using Lion Brand's Heartland in Mammoth Cave (darker brown) and Grand Canyon. I love the natural tone of the scarf and it will get plenty of use this winter! We have had some great snow so far!!

One thing I hate is when I order a certain type of yarn just to see how I will like it and then they never have it in stock again! I bought this really pretty variegated yarn from Lion Brand. It is a natural organic type of yarn. I only bought 3 skeins in case I didn't like the feel of it. Well, I love it and it happens to be the perfect color for a gift for my boss. She will be having her first child in May and the color of this yarn matches perfectly with her baby room theme.

All the colors in this yarn goes with her baby's room but I cannot find any of this variation in stock on any of the yarn websites I like to purchase from. So I went with two colors that will match.

I think this trio of colors will be perfect. Now I have to decide on a pattern. I'm thinking a ripple. So this is a project that I need to put in my project bag very soon!

Okay I spoke about something I hate, now let me speak about something I just love! And that's opening a box full of yarn!!

A sweet Christmas gift from my sweet husband!