Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pinterest Inspiration - Quilt Blocks as Framed Art!!

My obsession with Pinterest is relentless, but I do come across some really wonderful inspiring ideas! I have put quilting on the back-burner somewhat because I do not have the correct walking foot to machine quilt. I could hand-quilt, but I'm just too lazy. Yeah, I will admit my laziness when it comes to hand sewing. It could also be that my fingers are not a nimble as they once were.....

But, what did I find on Pinterest?! Great idea of framing applique quilting blocks! Hear are a few pins I came across that are so inspiring!

Going top clockwise:
1. They sandwiched vintage hankies in glass and used the striped wallpaper as the matting effect. So Genius!!

2. Crazy Quilting block..Love all the textures and gorgeous embroidery.

3. An applique quilt block of a gentleman and his pet. This would be a great idea to make as a story board.

4. An old discarded window transformed into a frame for scrapped quilts. I do have a couple of quilts that are fraying and will not be able to repair, but you could also make mini-quilts and frame as well.

There are endless possibilities!! I think these little projects are a great way to familiarize oneself with quilting especially applique quilting. You can work up adorable artwork that are really just practice pieces. These would also be great gifts to love ones and friends as well as ways to use up many of the smaller pieces of fabric one might be stashing for a quick and simple project. 

Another great use of an old window or even a large pane door. 

Terrific way of showcasing small quilted blocks and still not spending too much on a frame especially if you locate clearance frames at your local Michael's Craft Store or Pier 1 Imports. Even if there is small scratches you could easily paint the frame to correspond with your colorful quilt pieces.

Cheers, Winnie

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