Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday - African Flower Afghan

Our weather in the Wasatch Mountains has been fickle this Spring. Each week we receive beautiful sunshine followed by three days of rain and snow. Since there really aren't any Spring flowers sprouting as of yet, I was in the mood to make my own. I did a lot of searching through pinterest and Ravelry. I finally found the right pattern. It is the African Flower Square by Barbara Langer at Made in K-town blog. Her tutorial is written so well. I was able to whip up my first square in a jiffy. She has clear and concise photos for each step that really keep you on mark.

African Flowers before squaring up with white.

I am using scrap stash bundles for this afghan. The two colors that will be throughout each square is white and sienna. Both are Lion Brand Yarn. The other mix-match yarn will just be the few left overs I have from previous projects. I really enjoy tackling scrap stash projects. Mainly because once all the small scraps are used then it is time to re-stock!! Yes, shop for more yarn! What girl doesn't love that?!

I am really enjoying this pattern. There are a lot of tail weaving because of the many color changes, but I am trying to weave as I go. My first square I didn't weave as I went and it was a little time consuming at the end. All and all, a very easy pattern and you just can't beat the end result!

Thanks for stopping by!! Take a moment and hop over to Tami's Amis and Other Creations: WIPW and check out other bloggers' WIPW.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daisy Blanket Inspiration

I am such a Pinterest fanatic! Recently I came across this pin:

Picture acquired from Pinterest
When I clicked on the pin it didn't take me to any original site that could direct me to the pattern. I searched Ravelry for a pattern close to this one, and came up short. I have been searching for about 2 weeks now. I want to make this blanket!! Well, I happened to be on Pinterest today and came across this lovely pin:
Lanas De Ana blog - Daisy Blanket
The blog didn't have a tutorial and it was in French, but it had a link!! Yes, this wonderful blogger linked to the original tutorial.
Picture acquired from Tillie Tulip Blog

Tillie Tulip Daisy Tutorial is a great picture tutorial. I am so looking forward to adding this to my project list. I love daisies and this will be the perfect Spring project. I will post pics once I begin!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Simply Soft DROPs Design 124-1 Afghan

Yes, I know a crazy name for an afghan. The pattern is Bohemian Oasis by Drops Design at Garnstudio. The pattern called for Drops Delight and Fabel yarn. I would have had to order the yarn and just did not want to go through all that, so I went to Michael's and picked up Caron Simply Soft yarn in Chocolate, Gold, Soft Green, and White. Again I worked with a pattern that was a circle in a square. I just love the looks of this particular pattern. So the name of the afghan was derived from the type yarn and pattern I used: Simply Soft DROPs Design 124-1.

Hopefully this will become a Finish Object this weekend. I keep a stash of yarn and hook in my bag so I can tackle a block here and there throughout the day.
Also, a small teaser on the other project I am currently working on:
Charm Pack and Old Oxford Shirt
What will this be?
Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jessica Rose Afghan

Hello everyone. I worked on this afghan last year. I started off wanting to do a rose afghan in reminisce to the one my mother made 27 years ago for my grandmother. I loved watching her make each rose block and then create a beautiful afghan. Mine is different from hers to the fact that I did not make leaves in my blocks. I wish I had a picture of her rose afghan, but unfortunately it has been lost through out the years. It is only in my memories.

Rose Blocks
I chose to use Caron Simply Soft yarn in Ocean, Spring Brook, and Off White. The rose pattern is by Teresa Richardson called Crochet Loopy Granny Square and Flower. I am a big fan of Teresa Richardson's youtube tutorials. She speaks and crochets in a way that is easy to follow. So if you are thinking about taking up crocheting, I highly recommend watching her tutorials. The link I provided sends you to her written pattern with the youtube video tutorial.

When I began making this afghan, I was unsure on how to attach the three rows of flower blocks as the center portion of my afghan. Because I was pretty much coming up with the over all look on the fly, my flower blocks did not line up evenly.

I decided to crochet strips and then attach the rows of flower blocks.
It wasn't the most professional choice, but it got the job done.

The rows were just a double crochet stitch. When it was complete, I added a single crochet border of three rounds in the Ocean. I love the color combination. My daughter chose the colors since it was made for her, hence the name Jessica Rose Afghan. Until next time, take care.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunburst Granny Square Afghan

Sunburst Granny Square Block

I had not crocheted in many years when I decided to pick back up the hook and yarn. I came across this gorgeous pattern called Sunburst Granny Square by Priscilla Hewitt. I have always loved the looks of a circle in a square block. I used Caron yarn in Soft Sage and Beige, as well as,  Red Heart in Aspen. This project took a month to complete. I love how it turned out. In joining my squares I used the Invisible Seam joining technique by Leonie Morgan.

I spray blocked each block as I went. The tutorial on by Kim Werker is wonderful. Go and check it out here.

        My process was to:
1. Crochet the center circles in either the Soft Sage or Beige
2. Crochet the puff stitch round in the Aspen
3. Crochet the cluster stitch in either the Soft Sage or Beige......I love how the cluster stitch gives the "Sunburst" effect.
4. The remaining row colors were then crocheted in the alternating yarn color.
My process of figuring out how I will join the blocks and realizing I am short by one block!!
For my first afghan ever by myself, (I used to crochet with my Mom in my teenage years, but she always came up with the pattern and finished the project) I think it turned out so beautiful. I am giving this one to my sister.
Completed view...Sorry for the folded version, but it was too large for me to get a really good picture.