Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going great and creative.

As a crocheter there are days and even weeks where I might not pick up my hook. Crocheting takes a lot of thinking and counting especially the more tricky stitches and patterns. Even though I might not be hooking up a project, I am still browsing through the internet and my books enjoying the art of crochet visually. It is amazing how a simple stitch can create an extraordinary piece of art from a hanging tapestry to a simple dish cloth. And yes I consider a dish cloth a piece of art as well as an elaborate tapestry.

I want to share with you a stitch that I find is simple yet can create amazing work. The post stitch is such an easy stitch yet very versatile. The post stitch is normally a double crochet stitch that you work around the previous row double crochet post. This stitch creates a ribbing look and can be used as a border to a brim on a hat. The post stitch can add a visual, texture look to any project. One of my favorite patterns that is based on the post stitch is the pattern found on Lion Brand called the Tree of Life.  This is a pattern that is on my list of projects to complete this year.

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This is a great video tutorial for anyone who might be interested in this simple yet very versatile stitch, the Front and Back Post Stitch by the Crochet Side

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