Monday, July 24, 2017

22 Weeks until Christmas!!

I just noticed how many weeks are left before Christmas! There are a few projects I do want to complete by Christmas so I thought why not set up a project schedule for the next 22 weeks!

I hope to complete a few projects. I have plenty of project bins that need to be completed. So over the weekend I pulled out these unfinished projects and set up deadlines.

Currently working on this project. It will be a pillow once complete. I have cute small granny squares for the back completed. I am currently joining the small granny squares and will sew up the pillow form this week as well. I will complete this project this week. It will be a gift for my daughter-in-law. I will be visiting my son and DIL in two weeks. I have a few more pillows that I will be working up to give to her mother and two grandmothers as well. So a lot of pillow form sewing and crochet cover making this week.

Spicy Diamond Blanket - I have only the half diamonds to make up on this blanket and then join all together. The joining will be the most tedious, but once I begin it won't take that long. I will begin completing this project in September. I pick September because this will end up being a rather large afghan and it is too hot right now to have this laying on me.

Pumpkin Spice Herringbone Cowl - I have only the edging and button to complete on this project. I just need to wind the hanks of yarn into balls and this project will be done in an evening. I will work on this project the week of August 21st. I should have this one completed no later than Wednesday, August 23.

Walnut Shawl - The cat got a hold of the yarn for this project and now I have to clean up the balls of yarn. I probably have about 10-20 more rows left and then the edging on this shawl. I will finish this project up the week of August 14. I should have this one completed by August 20.
So I have about 7 projects that I am currently working on. My goal with these projects are to have them all completed by the end of September. So I have 3 projects to work on from July 24 - Aug 8 that must be completed by Aug 9. They will be 4 crochet pillows and sewn pillow forms.

From August 14 - 23 I have 2 projects to complete. The shawl and cowl will be completed by the 23rd of August. I will then begin completing my Spicy Diamond Blanket. I plan to have it completed by the end of September. This will then free me up from October to December to work on some planned Christmas projects for a few family members. I will keep a track each week of my progress. Again only 22 weeks left before Christmas!! I have to get BUSY!!