Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Geeky Love of Project Planning

My Geek Confession

Yes, I am such a geek when it comes to being organized and planning! My daughter makes fun of me when I get excited about a spreadsheet or accounting program. What can I say? I'm a geek!!

So speaking of My Geeky Love of Project Planning, I found a gorgeous and I mean gorgeous tote bag pattern on Ravelry just the other day. I of course saved it into my Library, but I couldn't just leave it in there. I kept looking at it and pulling up everyone's project info. I really do not have the time or yarn to do the project right now. I have way too many other projects that I need to conquer and complete, but there isn't anything wrong with "planning the project", right?

The project is The Enchanted Garden Tote by Courtney Laube. Now this isn't just some ordinary tote it is definitely Enchanted!! You have to use 3 different patterns to complete this tote. Yes, you read correctly, 3 different patterns! It will be a challenge. I will have to only have this pattern on my docket when it comes time to begin.

Picture courtesy of AFwifeCrochetNut 

Picture courtesy of AFwifeCrochetNut
Now isn't that just a beautiful project!! I have printed all of the patterns, which came to over 100 pages. I placed them in a 3 hole folder with tabs. I have highlighted areas that I need to keep an eye on when I begin the project such as when to switch from pattern to pattern. Yes, you have to work with all 3 patterns at the same time. Like, you might need to use pattern 1 for rows 1 - 7 and then pattern 3 for rows 9-13 then back to pattern 1 for rows 14 - 16 and then pattern 2 for rows 17 - 21 and so forth and so forth. So I am definitely reading this complete project prior to beginning it.

I have actually set up its own board in my Pinterest account. I am looking at different color schemes and pinning other completed projects to this board. I just love the looks of this project and if the first one turns out great then I will make more as Christmas presents to a few of my sweet family members (only the sweet ones though)!

That is my Geek Confession for this week. Everyone have a great rest of the week!!



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