Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In a Creative Funk

I always have an ebb and flow with my creativity. I am usually in a creative high around this time of year, but the political unrest in our country has really put me in a creative funk. I have actually unfollowed a few bloggers. It is nothing against their political views or thoughts it is my inability to keep my thoughts to myself. Maybe in a few months I will start following them again.

I am to the point where there is nowhere to go on the internet to have a numb the brain moment anymore. I used to love yahoo because of the entertainment articles, but I am now anti-celebrities. So no good there. So I am just going to Pinterest and browsing all the cool crochet patterns and crafty ideas, as well as Ravelry.

All of my WIP's are still in there project containers unfinished and collecting dust. I really want to get out of this funk, but I know it is my ex-military background and the fact my son and husband are still military members that keep me on this political journey of gathering information and becoming upset when the media gives half truths. I really am to the point where I do not watch the news anymore. I am also to the point of deactivating my Facebook account. When did Facebook become a political soapbox? I remember when it first came out and it was exciting getting back in touch with long lost friends and family. As well as sharing statuses of your personal life and pictures of your family and friends. Now it is all Memes and political crap. I am just sick of it!!

So to get off the political crap on my own blog I would like to share some great Pinterest ideas and inspiration.

Corn on The Monkey blogspot beanies: Came across this blogger on Pinterest and just loved the stitch pattern and texture of her beanies.

Petals to Picots never disappoints with their patterns and keeping it fresh and new. Love this Inside Out Cowl pattern. I think when I do this one I will make it more an infinity scarf instead of a cowl.

Sewrella Handmade Home blogger has a wonderful faux knit fair isle pattern. I love fair isle knits and one day want to learn how to do them, but I came across the blogger, Sewrella, that has a free pattern for the Faux Knit Fair Isle Crochet Beanie and Cowl!!

I could go on and on with so many talented crocheters and their generous nature. To come up with such technical crochet patterns and allow free access to them is just wonderful. So amidst all the turmoil happening in our country today, we can still enjoy talented, creative individuals and get lost in their beautiful creativity.