Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Afternoon Walk and Sunset

Rango is a creature of habit and has to have a walk as soon as we get home from work. No matter how hot it is, he must stick to this routine or I have a very sulky husky on my hands. The afternoons are becoming hotter and hotter each day and will only become worst towards middle of summer so I must not complain just yet.

The area is so green and lush. The meadow is high with grass and wild flowers. Soon the land owner will bail it for hay and then Rango can go romping through the meadow unleashed. Right now there are too many rodents that are enjoying the camouflage right now and he goes crazy chasing them and digging. Plus there are irrigation ditches that you just cannot see right now with the grass so high. No need in twisting or breaking an ankle when walking on the road and nearby dirt road are good enough for me. But soon he will have to let us hold off on our walks until the late evening when the temps tend to cool down just a bit.

Caught the sunset the other night. It was so nice out and Rango enjoyed prancing and roaming in the backyard. The little guy in the corner was our neighbor but has now been corralled and shuttled up to higher pastures for the summer.

I am still hooking along on my afghan. I can only work on it late evening once the house has cooled down or in my bedroom with the A/C on full blast. I think I will also pull out one of my smaller projects to work on while lounging in the livingroom during the hotter time of day.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Country Dirt Roads and Crochet Therapy

This week has been very long and stressful. So glad tomorrow is Friday!! Today after work I needed some soul centering. No better soul centering than long walks down country dirt roads. Rango and I took a long walk and I was able to decompress and release some of the stress of work.

While on our long walk my son called and I was able to connect with him for a little while as well. It was a very therapeutic walk.

After the walk I sat down in my favorite chair and with a cool breeze blowing into the opened window I enjoyed a couple of hours of crochet therapy.

The sun is beginning to set now and I think I will step outside and watch the day dwindle away while sipping on a nice frothy cup of chai tea.


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Life Update!! Half the year is almost gone!!

Since my last post in March I have been slowly working on my afghan. It is a little over half way complete. I am loving the texture and color of the project. I have been negligent lately though. It has sat in its project bin for the past month and half collecting dust. I plan on pulling it out this week and working on it, but it will have to be during cooler hours of the day. Our Summer has sprung and it is hitting me hard!!

We went back home to South Carolina the last 2 weeks of May and visited with lots of family. My sister and her family came up from Orlando and spent a few days with us at the lake house. It was great seeing everyone, but I am glad to be back home. I am still trying to get back into the swing of things. My desk is slowly seeing the light again.

A few pictures of Downtown Charleston for your viewing:

Love the cobblestone roads in downtown. I can say these cobblestone roads are not the best to drive on when you are pregnant. When I was pregnant with my daughter we went downtown for dinner one evening and I think every road my husband decided to take that evening was on the cobblestone ones. Nearly had an early delivery!! But these are the memories that come back to me when I visit this beautiful city.
One of the many iconic church steeples you come across in Charleston
I love the allies and courtyards you come across while strolling around downtown. This gated courtyard was right off one of the many cemeteries scattered throughout the city. And yes, I love to explore old graveyards and I have a ton of pictures of gravestones that I found to be so beautiful and unique. I will share another time.
The architectural designs and colors of the buildings all throughout downtown are just breathtaking and I could spend hours gazing at all the intricate details on all the buildings and homes. But when you are with a large group you really cannot spend too much time in one spot.
One of the many trees I do miss about living in the South, the Magnolia Tree!! The trees are massive with limbs nearly touching the ground. This particular tree was in a secluded courtyard open to the public. The tree was huge and loaded down with flowers. I was surrounded by so much beauty!!
While away my Peonies bloomed!! They are fuller this year than last year!!

This little guy missed us so much. He is still not back to his normal grumpy self. He is still meowing constantly wanting to be cuddled with which is so not his usual demeanor.
I hope to update my blog more often with nature photos and some actual completed projects soon.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Completed Project!

This project was not on my list of many WIPs. Instead I decided to hook up a quick beanie since the one I use everyday has become pretty loose and baggy.

This is a tried and true pattern. It is the Ginger Slouchy Hat by Kristina Olson. The only modifications I made were adding a pom pom and working up the brim differently. I did a ribbed brim compared to how she worked hers up. I did the brim separate and then joined it to the hat.

I used Cascade 220 Superwash sport yarn in colorways of natural, summer sky heather and doe skin heather. I love the pop of blue. I do need to purchase a true pom pom maker. I ended up using up almost a whole skein of the summer sky heather just in making the pom pom. It still isn't the best one I have ever made either. 

I was able to complete this project in one afternoon. It was nice to begin and finish a project in one day.

I have also started another project. I know I should have finished an old one, but this is an afghan throw using all those bright bold colored yarn my husband got me for Christmas.

I had written about finding a pattern that has some great textural stitches. Well I found it in the pattern by Rebecca Langford from Yarn + Chai called Henry's Baby Blanket.

This is pretty much the pattern throughout the blanket. I am loving the pattern and how easy it is, yet looks so intricate with great texture and detail.

The yarn I am using is Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca. It is a 3.5 ounce yarn weight that is 90% acrylic and 10% alpaca. So it is hooking up pretty thick and fluffy. I am planning on making my throw a lot longer than the pattern since I'm not making a baby blanket.

The Malia Shoulder Bag CAL has begun. First week is just hooking up the base and that to me is the most tedious part of any shoulder bag pattern. Lots of rows of single crochet. I am really looking forward to the second week set of instructions!! Once again Rebecca Langford of Yarn + Chai has curated a wonderful CAL. So glad I came across her post on Facebook.

I am going to finish sipping on my cup of coffee and then take my rambunctious little pup on a walk. We received a nice dusting of snow last night and they are calling for a total of 10 inches in the next 24 hours. Rango is biting at the bits to go and romp in the snow. I guess that is what I should expect from a Siberian Husky!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Life Update!!

My poor blog has been so neglected!! Yet it isn't the only thing that has been neglected. I have not touched my crochet hooks in months!!! I have been in such a non-creative mood lately. But the other week I was cleaning out my spare bedroom in order to make it my office/yarn room. In the process of moving all my yarn stash into the bedroom I came across about 4 boxes from craftsy of yarn I had yet to spin into balls, plus some that were just regular skeins and I had forgotten I had ordered them.

No idea why I ordered these, but I'm sure they will work into something lovely. It could have been yarn brands I have never used and since they were at such a good sales price I decided to grab a couple to test them out.

This box of colorful joy was a Christmas gift from my husband. I plan on working up an afghan with these. I think it will be a gorgeous color accent to my living room!! I'm still researching what pattern I would like to use, but I am thinking something with some cool texture stitches.

So I have plenty of extra yarn added to my stash from just the two boxes I uncovered. Then I came across a few more boxes full of hanks that needed to be spun into workable skeins.

I found about 4 hanks of the pumpkin spice color needed to finish up a cowl plus just odd ones that I guess again were from me wanting to test if I like a certain brand that was at too good of a sales price to pass up.

It took almost 2 hours to make all those hanks into workable balls of yarn!!

I still have a lot of organizing and setting up my spare bedroom. I had to put it on hold because my sister and her husband are coming out next week and I needed to keep the bed up for them. After they are gone I will be rearranging everything and probably will need to buy some shelving units. 

On another note, I do have a CAL I will be doing beginning on the 13th! It is a CAL coordinated by Rebecca from Little Monkey's Crochet. I so do love her patterns. This CAL will be a cute beach bag called The Mailia Shoulder Bag. I have chosen tangerine and white as my colors and I am so excited to work this bag up!! The last bag CAL I did was with Rebecca a few years bag when I worked up the Wildflower Bag!! So I know her instructions are so easy to follow and she is so helpful. I will post the finish product once complete!!

courtesy of Rebecca of Little Monkey's Crochet

Monday, July 24, 2017

22 Weeks until Christmas!!

I just noticed how many weeks are left before Christmas! There are a few projects I do want to complete by Christmas so I thought why not set up a project schedule for the next 22 weeks!

I hope to complete a few projects. I have plenty of project bins that need to be completed. So over the weekend I pulled out these unfinished projects and set up deadlines.

Currently working on this project. It will be a pillow once complete. I have cute small granny squares for the back completed. I am currently joining the small granny squares and will sew up the pillow form this week as well. I will complete this project this week. It will be a gift for my daughter-in-law. I will be visiting my son and DIL in two weeks. I have a few more pillows that I will be working up to give to her mother and two grandmothers as well. So a lot of pillow form sewing and crochet cover making this week.

Spicy Diamond Blanket - I have only the half diamonds to make up on this blanket and then join all together. The joining will be the most tedious, but once I begin it won't take that long. I will begin completing this project in September. I pick September because this will end up being a rather large afghan and it is too hot right now to have this laying on me.

Pumpkin Spice Herringbone Cowl - I have only the edging and button to complete on this project. I just need to wind the hanks of yarn into balls and this project will be done in an evening. I will work on this project the week of August 21st. I should have this one completed no later than Wednesday, August 23.

Walnut Shawl - The cat got a hold of the yarn for this project and now I have to clean up the balls of yarn. I probably have about 10-20 more rows left and then the edging on this shawl. I will finish this project up the week of August 14. I should have this one completed by August 20.
So I have about 7 projects that I am currently working on. My goal with these projects are to have them all completed by the end of September. So I have 3 projects to work on from July 24 - Aug 8 that must be completed by Aug 9. They will be 4 crochet pillows and sewn pillow forms.

From August 14 - 23 I have 2 projects to complete. The shawl and cowl will be completed by the 23rd of August. I will then begin completing my Spicy Diamond Blanket. I plan to have it completed by the end of September. This will then free me up from October to December to work on some planned Christmas projects for a few family members. I will keep a track each week of my progress. Again only 22 weeks left before Christmas!! I have to get BUSY!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Walnut Shawl

I was cleaning up my stash and project bins the other day and came across a long forgotten project, my Walnut Shawl!! I began this project back in October 2015. Yes, back in 2015!! I had completely forgotten about it. Since October 2015, I have added quite a few Cascade Super 220 Superwash Sport yarn colors. I have decided to add a jazz of blue to the shawl by incorporating the Lake Chelan Heather yarn I have in my stash. I only have one skein so I know I can not incorporate too many rows of the Lake Chelan Heather color, but just enough to give the shawl a bright contrast. I have quite a ways to go still, but it is a great project to pick up in between the hustle and bustle of my days.

I love how it is turning out!! Now I have to figure out an edging for the shawl.....