Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Crochet Top Update

I am loving the Ventura Swing Tank Top pattern. At first I was comprehending the pattern wrong and it was turning out really, really bad. I looked at the picture more carefully and re-read the pattern. I realized when she was saying to do something twice she meant the whole sentence not just the last stitch. Luckily I was only 3 rows in and was able to fix my mistakes.

As usual when I first decided on this pattern I ordered the amount of yarn it called for. I realized once I began I wanted the top slightly longer and required probably 2 more skeins of yarn. Of course when I went back to the Craftsy website to order more, the colorway I had chosen was sold out and it was a clearance item. So I had to search for the Cascade Sateen yarn and guess what, Cascade has discontinued it. Lucky Me!! I found another colorway that I thought would match the denim blue nicely and ordered 2 skeins of it. It is a silver colorway and I think it will work up nicely. Well be who I am, I decided I wanted to do the straps and neckline differently. I'm not one to wear such thin straps so I began perusing Ravelry to find a top with a good neckline that I thought would compliment the body of this tank top. That also meant I needed more yarn. So back to searching for this yarn. I found what I hope to be the denim color and ordered 2 more skeins. It has not yet arrived so I don't know if it is. I figured worst case is it will be a shade lighter or darker and it will work up fine.

The new neckline I decided to go with is a pattern by Lion Brand called Sabrina Tunic. The pattern is free and I like the capped sleeves. Since I decided on this change up after I had about 16 rows completed I will have to do the neckline separately and then combine the two.

I think the striping will help combine the two separate patterns together smoothly. I just hope I can do the connection properly.

Until next time, be creative!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed my Work that Stitch Wednesdays. I think the research and tutorials I found will really help me when the time comes to begin the Tree of Life and Enchanted Garden Tote projects. My goal is to make a small throw blanket from the Tree of Life pattern and frame it. I have the perfect size frame that I think will showcase the blanket nicely. This will be a more Autumn project since I will be working with 100 percent wool. The weather is becoming way too hot to begin working with such itchy and heavy yarn.

I have been going through my stash and trying to decide on the perfect color combo for the Enchanted Garden Tote project. I have narrowed it down to a couple of color schemes and will begin this project in July. I think this will be a nice size project that I can work on just about anywhere.

So What's in the Project Bag now? I am still working on my Diamond Blanket and nearly have all my full diamonds complete. Once the full diamonds are done the others will be so quick. I am loving the colors I have chosen and really cannot wait to begin the joining process. I know this will become very tedious so this is why I am taking my time with this blanket and enjoying the process.

I found the cutest tank top crochet pattern on Craftsy the other month. Yes I have had this pattern for a month now and am just beginning it. I am using Cascade Sateen yarn in this wonderful denim blue. The pattern is by Adorish and is called The Ventura Swing Top. This will be my first venture in crocheting a top. I am hoping this will be a quick project, but you just never know until you dive in.

Enjoy your week and be creative!!