Monday, July 24, 2017

22 Weeks until Christmas!!

I just noticed how many weeks are left before Christmas! There are a few projects I do want to complete by Christmas so I thought why not set up a project schedule for the next 22 weeks!

I hope to complete a few projects. I have plenty of project bins that need to be completed. So over the weekend I pulled out these unfinished projects and set up deadlines.

Currently working on this project. It will be a pillow once complete. I have cute small granny squares for the back completed. I am currently joining the small granny squares and will sew up the pillow form this week as well. I will complete this project this week. It will be a gift for my daughter-in-law. I will be visiting my son and DIL in two weeks. I have a few more pillows that I will be working up to give to her mother and two grandmothers as well. So a lot of pillow form sewing and crochet cover making this week.

Spicy Diamond Blanket - I have only the half diamonds to make up on this blanket and then join all together. The joining will be the most tedious, but once I begin it won't take that long. I will begin completing this project in September. I pick September because this will end up being a rather large afghan and it is too hot right now to have this laying on me.

Pumpkin Spice Herringbone Cowl - I have only the edging and button to complete on this project. I just need to wind the hanks of yarn into balls and this project will be done in an evening. I will work on this project the week of August 21st. I should have this one completed no later than Wednesday, August 23.

Walnut Shawl - The cat got a hold of the yarn for this project and now I have to clean up the balls of yarn. I probably have about 10-20 more rows left and then the edging on this shawl. I will finish this project up the week of August 14. I should have this one completed by August 20.
So I have about 7 projects that I am currently working on. My goal with these projects are to have them all completed by the end of September. So I have 3 projects to work on from July 24 - Aug 8 that must be completed by Aug 9. They will be 4 crochet pillows and sewn pillow forms.

From August 14 - 23 I have 2 projects to complete. The shawl and cowl will be completed by the 23rd of August. I will then begin completing my Spicy Diamond Blanket. I plan to have it completed by the end of September. This will then free me up from October to December to work on some planned Christmas projects for a few family members. I will keep a track each week of my progress. Again only 22 weeks left before Christmas!! I have to get BUSY!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Walnut Shawl

I was cleaning up my stash and project bins the other day and came across a long forgotten project, my Walnut Shawl!! I began this project back in October 2015. Yes, back in 2015!! I had completely forgotten about it. Since October 2015, I have added quite a few Cascade Super 220 Superwash Sport yarn colors. I have decided to add a jazz of blue to the shawl by incorporating the Lake Chelan Heather yarn I have in my stash. I only have one skein so I know I can not incorporate too many rows of the Lake Chelan Heather color, but just enough to give the shawl a bright contrast. I have quite a ways to go still, but it is a great project to pick up in between the hustle and bustle of my days.

I love how it is turning out!! Now I have to figure out an edging for the shawl.....

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yarnspiration & Crochet Crowd Cardigan Tutorial - love this video tutorial!!!

I wrote how I wanted to try my hand again at crocheting a top in this post. My YouTube subscription alerted me of a new crochet tutorial upload by The Crochet Crowd. It is a very simple granny square cardigan.

I sat and watched the tutorial this morning while sipping on my morning coffee. It doesn't seem very difficult at all!! Now my dilemma is deciding on a color palette and yarn. The pattern used Paton Classic Wool Worsted. Now I do not have this type of yarn on hand and I really do not want to purchase anymore at this moment. I do have wool yarn in a couple of different brands.

Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash:

I have a few colors in this brand, but I just don't know if I have enough to complete the whole project. These are the colors I have on hand:

Can you tell I love natural colors? LOL!!

I have plenty of the Walnut Heather and Pumpkin Spice so I know I could make these the main colors.

I also have a few skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman Wool in Maple Tweed. I just don't know if I want it all one color, but I do have enough to complete the project.

I have never mixed these two brands of yarn together in a project so I do not know how they would work up together. My thoughts are to maybe work up the body in the Lion Brand Fisherman's wool yarn and do the cuffing in the Walnut Heather in the Cascade brand. Anyway I do it, I think it will be a pretty quick project and once passed the center portion of each granny square, very non-thinking.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pinterest Inspiration - Crochet Tops

Last year I attempted to begin my first crochet sweater. It didn't turn out pretty. In fact, I gave up once the easiest portion was completed which was the bottom body portion. Once the pattern started going towards reducing and becoming more fitted I freaked and gave up. I still want to crochet a top. I have an easier one that I started which will end up being a tank top. It is hibernating right now, but the pattern is much easier.

While browsing Pinterest daily, yes daily, I have came across a lot of great looking crochet top patterns. Some are purchasable while others are free. I do find the purchasable patterns seem to have more elaborate techniques and look so professional. Then again it is by a person who really is professional and is good enough to sell their patterns.

Here are a few crochet top patterns that I really want to attempt:

 The Polar Star Poncho Sweater is so gorgeous!! This is a purchasable pattern but I feel will be well worth the money. The author of the pattern is Natalia Kononova and she has so many beautiful patterns on her site. I feel that if I start this project this spring I might can have it completed by next winter.

 A Kimono Crochet cardigan is definitely an item I would wear very often. This is actually a free pattern but it is a graphed pattern and I am not the best when it comes to graphs but I am willing to try it. You do this in four pieces and then connect them all. The pattern is posted by Noticias on Crochet Hooks and Yarn blog.

This poncho looks perfect for Fall weather!! It is a free pattern you can find on Yarnspiration. I just love the color of this yarn and think this will definitely be a project this Spring as well!!

So much inspiration on Pinterest!! I really think I will have to start the last poncho this Spring for sure. I hope these crochet tops have inspired you as well.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In a Creative Funk

I always have an ebb and flow with my creativity. I am usually in a creative high around this time of year, but the political unrest in our country has really put me in a creative funk. I have actually unfollowed a few bloggers. It is nothing against their political views or thoughts it is my inability to keep my thoughts to myself. Maybe in a few months I will start following them again.

I am to the point where there is nowhere to go on the internet to have a numb the brain moment anymore. I used to love yahoo because of the entertainment articles, but I am now anti-celebrities. So no good there. So I am just going to Pinterest and browsing all the cool crochet patterns and crafty ideas, as well as Ravelry.

All of my WIP's are still in there project containers unfinished and collecting dust. I really want to get out of this funk, but I know it is my ex-military background and the fact my son and husband are still military members that keep me on this political journey of gathering information and becoming upset when the media gives half truths. I really am to the point where I do not watch the news anymore. I am also to the point of deactivating my Facebook account. When did Facebook become a political soapbox? I remember when it first came out and it was exciting getting back in touch with long lost friends and family. As well as sharing statuses of your personal life and pictures of your family and friends. Now it is all Memes and political crap. I am just sick of it!!

So to get off the political crap on my own blog I would like to share some great Pinterest ideas and inspiration.

Corn on The Monkey blogspot beanies: Came across this blogger on Pinterest and just loved the stitch pattern and texture of her beanies.

Petals to Picots never disappoints with their patterns and keeping it fresh and new. Love this Inside Out Cowl pattern. I think when I do this one I will make it more an infinity scarf instead of a cowl.

Sewrella Handmade Home blogger has a wonderful faux knit fair isle pattern. I love fair isle knits and one day want to learn how to do them, but I came across the blogger, Sewrella, that has a free pattern for the Faux Knit Fair Isle Crochet Beanie and Cowl!!

I could go on and on with so many talented crocheters and their generous nature. To come up with such technical crochet patterns and allow free access to them is just wonderful. So amidst all the turmoil happening in our country today, we can still enjoy talented, creative individuals and get lost in their beautiful creativity.