Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

Hello everyone! It has been unusually cold around here in the Wasatch Mountains, but this weekend it has warmed up considerably. Maybe some of the piles of snow will melt out of my courtyard.

I last wrote about working up a baby afghan for my boss. I finally received all the yarn I think I need. I had to order from 3 different websites, but finally received the colors that my boss likes. Also luckily today I received an email from Amazon showing that the Lion Brand Organic Cotton is in stock on their website as well. Bonus is that they are all available through Prime. So I might order a few more skeins just in case I need more.

So What's in the Project Bag?

I am loving the color combo! I was going to go with a ripple pattern but when I began hooking it up I just didn't like how this particular yarn looked. I decided to go with my Tried and True stitch the Linen Stitch. The bonus about this stitch is not only the stripey goodness it does, but it is a pattern that I can watch TV and hook at the same time without worrying about a missed stitch.

While waiting on the Lion Brand Natural Organic Cotton yarn to ship, I started on another project. I am using the gorgeous yarn my dear hubby gave me for Christmas. I did order another color through Craftsy. I really vibrant mustard yellow.

My camera didn't really pick up the yellow color all that well. I am working on a Spicy Diamond Blanket. It will be a long term project. This is one pattern that I cannot be distracted while working on. I came across the pattern on Pinterest and although I should have just pinned it I had to begin this project!!

This is the blanket that Kristen made up and provided such a wonderful pattern and tutorial on her website, Haak maar Raak.
I really loved that she also provided a layout template that you can print out blank. I played around with my layout and came up with the one you see in my project bin above. One thing I do love about searching for a project is the planning. 

On a different note, my son was in town this week and we were able to hang out and catch up. We enjoyed the empty slopes during the week.

He can be such a nut and always makes me laugh. But I am proud of the young man he has become.

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