Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday - Crocodile Stitch

Hello everyone! If you have followed my blog you know that I am a planner. I research a pattern and break it down to the tiniest details before I dive into making the project. As I wrote about the Enchanted Garden Tote many months ago, I am still in the planning stage for this anticipated project.

The Enchanted Garden Tote is a purchasable pattern so I won't post all the details of it on my blog, but I can breakdown a few of the trickier stitches. As with the internet you can find so many free tutorials and patterns that you may never have to purchase a pattern in the entirety of your creative endeavors. I do find that some patterns are just worth the money and I will splurge on them. I did with the Enchanted Garden Tote and thrilled that I did. As I posted before, this pattern is a three pattern combination and is nearly 100 pages. I am still reading over the patterns and making my notes. (my planner personality gets the best of me sometimes)

One of the more interesting stitches is the Crocodile Stitch. A wonderful written beginner's guide to the Crocodile Stitch can be read over at Red Heart. I love how they explain the stitch as a layered look stitch. This stitch can add so many different variances to a project.

You can see how this stitch creates a beautiful flower.

Picture Courtesy of Courtney Laube Designs

My goal is to practice the stitches in this pattern before diving into it. I figure if I get the concept of the special stitch combinations prior to actually tackling the project, it will go much easier and enjoyable. It's no fun when you work on a project to just get stumped because of a certain stitch combination and its wording or technique. If you are interested in this stitch, check out the video tutorial by The Crochet Crowd below.

Until next week, be creative and have a wonderful week!!


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