Friday, February 28, 2014

Dancing in Daisies Blanket Completed!!!

Finally after close to a year I have completed my Dancing in Daisies Blanket! I had ran out of the honey and medium blue yarn and re-ordered back in December. The box of yarn had been sitting on top of my cabinet along with the blanket when I finally pulled them down last week. I was amazed to see that I only needed to work up 21 more squares and join them to the rest of the blanket. So I went to work and it is now complete, border and all!!

The completed afghan/blanket measures 76 inches by 44 inches. It is so soft and plush from using the Red Heart Soft yarn. I love the look of the flat braid join, but I don't think I will be using this joining method very often. It wasn't a difficult joining method once you got the first 4 squares completed. I just didn't like when the four squares are joined a slight "hole" effect is caused. I had to go back and stitch close some of these joining areas. I just felt that when you are snuggling under the blanket the holes could be snagged and then made larger through years of use. For the border, I decided to do a roll of half double crochet in the honey all around the blanket and a scallop edge using the medium blue. I am so very satisfied with the end result.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP - 3in1 Wrapper

Hello everyone! If you have read my blog enough, you know how much I love Pinterest. The other week I came across a great wrapper pin that I just had to find the pattern for. Luckily, it was a free online pattern through You can also find it on Ravelry as well. I do love when I can keep track of my project through the Ravelry project page. It really is a project saver when you have stepped away from a project for awhile to be able to come back to it and know exactly what yarn and hook size you were using. It has saved me a few times.

It is called Crocheted Easy Rapper by Flora Yang. The yarn is only 1.75 oz, so a 4.5 hook. Unfortunately, I have lost do not have a 4.5 hook so I am using a 4.25 hook. I never crochet that small, so it is truly an Advanced Beginner pattern for me. Now for a look at what the end result should be:

In this picture the model is wearing it as a poncho and if you look closely there are buttons along one side that will allow you to wear it also as a cardigan or shawl. That is why I am calling it a 3in1 wrapper.

The yarn color I chose is a variegated coral. I was going to go with a blue but when I saw this color I had to snag it up!!

I'm hoping this yarn does it justice since it is 100% Acrylic and the elann Sonata Soft that the pattern used is 100% Mercerized Cotton. I thought when I bought this yarn it was the Mercerized Cotton, but I think I veered from the brand that was to this brand because of the color selection. If this yarn doesn't work out, then I will just order the Sonata Soft and do another. I'm sure I will have to hook another one for my daughter. She doesn't like this color for herself because coral doesn't go well with her skin tone. So I might be able to keep this one!!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Completed Hooded Scarf

I enjoyed working the scarf pattern of the Hooded Scarf by Sedruola Maruska, but I went astray when it came time to begin the hood part. I started and frogged the hooded portion at least three times when I finally decided to make it separate and then attach. For those of you who have done this pattern and were able to do as the pattern is written, my hat goes off to you. My yarn just kept twisting. You don't want a twisted hood! LOL!!

I was able to complete it in time for my model to be back home from her latest competition. She loves it and I think I just lost another completed work to my little thief.

First picture of collage shows how I joined the hood to the scarf using the slip stitch. Second picture of collage shows the added 8 rows of half double crochet I needed in order for it to be a full hood. I also love how it looks attached to the scarf. The third picture in above collage shows the lovely cross over double crochet cable stitch. I believe it added a beautiful accent along with texture to the scarf and hood.

Close up of model and hood!! I really love the end result. :-)
Happy Valentines to all!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Hooded Scarf

Hello Everyone. My blogging has taken a back seat as well as my crocheting these past few months. Sorry for the lapse in blogging, but I just haven't had a very creative spirit as of late. I have been enjoying the snow and ski season. So instead of crocheting or crafting I have been spending most of my time outdoors on the ski slopes.

A view of Peak 9990 at the Canyons Resort in Park City, UT. It was a perfect bluebird day to hit 94 turns!!

My face is completely covered because it was about 15 degrees and I was freezing!

~Hooded Scarf by Sedruola Maruska~

I came across this lovely pattern on Pinterest last month and I just had to purchase it!! I have always wanted to work up a hooded scarf, but never really found the right pattern. I love the edging detail in the hood and it has some cabling as well. So a very rich textured scarf and hoodie. This is a purchasable pattern, so I cannot share too much about how to make it, but the pattern level is for Intermediate Beginners. Hopefully, I can conquer making this lovely hooded scarf. If you are interested in purchasing the pattern you can find it here.

Picture courtesy of
Even though I do know how to do a cable stitch, I was a little confused on the directions of this particular cable stitch. It is more of a long double cable stitch that crosses over and I found a great video tutorial to help me understand it better.

Cross-Over Long Double Crochet Stitch by CrochetNCrafts

I came across this lovely colored green yarn on clearance the other week. It is a Bernat product called Vickie Howell Sheepish. It is 30% wool and 70% acryllic. Although I love the blue in the pattern picture, I thought the green would be just as lovely. I hope I bought enough skeins to complete the hooded scarf because I would hate to need more. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Progress has been pretty good considering I just started yesterday. I have 75% of the scarf part completed and will begin the hood part today.
Crazy how the lighting in the second picture makes the green look so light!
Everyone have a great week. And for those that are in the middle of this horrible East Coast storm, stay warm and safe.

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