Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Enjoying the ending of Fall and onset of Winter

Hello everyone!! Sorry for my long time away. I have just been enjoying Fall and now the onset of Winter. I have been doing some moderate mountain biking and hiking these last couple of months. My husband and I celebrated our 22nd Anniversary this past weekend. We did a quick weekend getaway to Yellowstone National Park. I had been a few years back, but my husband had not and he loves all things nature. I am going to bombard you with a few pics that we took. It was a very overcast weekend with snow and rain, so many of the pictures just don't show how vast and magnificent Yellowstone really is. I hope you enjoy.

This is the view at the West Entrance coming in from Montana. It was early morning and this river was lined with fly fishermen.

Gorgeous lone buffalo. They are throughout and we actually had a road block from a few. One really huge one came right up side our car and just looked in. I felt like we were in the State Farm commercial. He did do us a favor and went and made the few buffalo blocking the road move along and allow us to pass.

This is the beautiful canyon area around the Upper Yellowstone River Falls.

This is one of the two coyotes we saw. These little buggers caused us a great scare while hiking. They must have came upon a wolf pack's territory because while on the hike we were surrounded by wolves that we could smell and hear howling and yelping, but we never saw. I was so scared, but we kept our cool and waited for all the commotion to subside and then high tailed it back to our car.

Very beautiful coyote. It really is hard to capture a fast moving coyote on film, but I think it turned out pretty good. It had stopped for a brief second before running across the road in front of us.

This cute raven was perched on someone's car when I began taking a pic. He then flew down right by my foot and kept walking up to me. I think he was trying to make sure I got his good side.

These moose we saw in the Grand Teton National Park right outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There was about 10 all together. It was really cold and snowing at this point. Many people were walking right up to these guys to take a picture. Not me, I have no desired to be stampeded by a bunch of irritated Moose.

Of course we had to watch Old Faithful do its thing!!
All and all it was a great trip. My husband loved all the geysers and hot spots that are scattered throughout Yellowstone. I think I hiked more to see geysers and hot pots more than anything. But it was all worth it to see the great big grin on my husband's face.

I can't post without sharing a couple of things I have crocheted the past few weeks. I haven't done as much as usual, but I just have to be outside during these months of the year!!

Everyone have a wonderful week!!