Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

How many have these crochet topper hand towels hanging from their stove? I have had this one for 10 years now. My husband's aunt gifted me this one along with a couple of others that have long gone to crochet heaven. This one is about to have its burial ceremony as well.

Love the flag and color, but it is time for a new one.
So today I decided to replace it with my own version. I purchased a bunch of kitchen towels the other day for a dollar or less each. And decided to add my own topper version.

This towel was so large that I had to do a 4 top fastener and cut it in half. But I loved the cheerful colors so much and it was only a dollar. Why not bring out the scissors and get to work.

I love how it turned out and its extra large size. I tell ya I cannot live without my crochet topper hand towels on my stove handle. I worked up an easy double crochet stitch along the top.  A very simple crochet topper but will be utilized for so many years!! I have a few others I plan on working up soon as well.

On the Spicy Diamond Blanket front, I have been hooking up plenty of the full diamond colors. I have two other colors that I have to do still, but once all the full diamonds are completed this blanket will be done pretty quick.

Cheers, Winnie

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