Sunday, January 10, 2016

What's in the Project Bag?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's new year has been great thus far!

I have been very lack luster in working on any crochet projects these past few months. I have been suffering with some health problems and just haven't had the energy to do much of anything. But hopefully the health issue will right itself soon enough with the right med dosage.

So what do I have in my project bag right now?

I'm on the last part of this scarf. I just need to finish up with a row of single crochet and then add some fringe. I'm using Lion Brand's Heartland in Mammoth Cave (darker brown) and Grand Canyon. I love the natural tone of the scarf and it will get plenty of use this winter! We have had some great snow so far!!

One thing I hate is when I order a certain type of yarn just to see how I will like it and then they never have it in stock again! I bought this really pretty variegated yarn from Lion Brand. It is a natural organic type of yarn. I only bought 3 skeins in case I didn't like the feel of it. Well, I love it and it happens to be the perfect color for a gift for my boss. She will be having her first child in May and the color of this yarn matches perfectly with her baby room theme.

All the colors in this yarn goes with her baby's room but I cannot find any of this variation in stock on any of the yarn websites I like to purchase from. So I went with two colors that will match.

I think this trio of colors will be perfect. Now I have to decide on a pattern. I'm thinking a ripple. So this is a project that I need to put in my project bag very soon!

Okay I spoke about something I hate, now let me speak about something I just love! And that's opening a box full of yarn!!

A sweet Christmas gift from my sweet husband!

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