Friday, July 26, 2013

Biking & two stress relievers

I haven't finished any items this week, but I have been able to make some leeway with the African Flower Afghan. I have made 16 more African flower motifs, they just need to be squared up with the white...that I don't have because I need to go buy more today.

Yesterday was a breezy sunny day so I biked to work. When I know I have some downtime during work a bring along a couple of skeins of yarn and do some crocheting. Since I had to bike home after work, I decided to take a long bike ride and ended up at one of my favorite parks. I found a nice shady spot and whipped out my crochet items!

It was so nice and breezy. I crocheted and watched kids run all over the place. It's so sweet to listen to 5 year olds carry on conversations. They are so precious at that age.

I always put my yarn and crochet items in a Ziploc bag so they won't get dirty in my backpack. A was able to complete a few motifs.
After sitting for awhile crocheting, I decided to head home and begin dinner for the family. The bike path wraps around a soccer field and they had the sprinklers going! Yes, I acted like a kid and rode right through them! I was completely dry by the time I made it home. Another reason why I place my crochet items in a Ziploc bag!!
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  1. How lucky you are to be able to bike to work! And your crochet flowers are so pretty. Is crochet hard to learn?

    1. I do love the community I live in. There are bike paths throughout the city with great parks along the way. Crocheting is a lot of counting. But it really is only a few stitches used differently or combined. Chaining, single crochet, half crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet are the main stitches used but in various ways. The African Flower Motif consist of chain, single, and double crochet stitches. The youtube channel, Crochet Geek, has the best video tutorials I have found on the internet for beginners to experts. Check it out.

  2. I know what you mean about childrens conversations, I love listening to mine while they're playing together.

    I like your flowers, you're going to have a lovely afghan when you're finished. I keep eyeing up the african flower bear pattern, one day I'll get round to making it lol

    1. Thanks. One thing about afghans and blankets, they are such long-term projects. I will be so happy once I have at least one of my afghans completed. :)