Monday, July 20, 2015

Completed CAL - Wildflower Shoulder Bag

Rebecca Langford over at Little Monkeys Crochet did an outstanding job with this CAL. She had over 4000 in her group and she kept the group fun and very respectful of one another. That is a feat of itself. I so enjoyed this CAL. There are so many talented fellow crocheters and I think my like button on Facebook has broken. My home feed was and still is filled with such beautiful and creative pictures of this great shoulder bag.

The first week of the CAL was making the flower squares and I must say I finished them up very quickly and was anxious for the next part to be published. We had to hook up 6 total. I used some really cute bicycle buttons for my centers. This picture shows a mess up, I guess I was so excited that I did a hdc (half double crochet) row for the last row instead of sc (single crochet). I had to frog the last rows on all 6 squares and correct this problem.

Week two was the joining of the squares and making the top portion of the bag. As well as attaching the slip rings for the bag strap. Many other members of the CAL really showed their creativity at this point. Some did different color stripes. Just the color combos were so amazing to see. I stuck with a taupe and seaspray blue color scheme.

Part three was the toughest part for me. You had to make the bottom of the bag and the strap. I kept coming up with the wrong count in stitches. It might had to do with me watching Hell on Wheels while doing this part. I was distracted by Anston Mount and his character Bohaneen. But I got it done and worked up the strap.

I can say that I am totally in love with this bag. I am now using it as my project bag. 

And what is inside this project bag you may ask? Well I have begun another bag but making it slightly smaller by only using 4 squares. I started on it yesterday!

My very first CAL and my very first crocheted bag was a great experience. I hope Rebecca at Little Monkeys Crochet plans another one in the future. This was such a positive and supportive group of crocheters. If someone had a question there was always many others that could answer it. And again seeing all the varieties of color combos, bag straps and embellishments was so inspiring.

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July and a CAL

We have had some really hot weather lately! Yep we went from rainy and cold to no rain and crazy hot!! Oh how I can't wait for Fall & Winter!! But the 4th of July festivities are wonderful here in the Wasatch Mountains and we are lucky enough to either sit in our drive or make the short walk across the street to the resort and watch the wonderful fireworks display.

I have decided to do a Crochet Along project!! I have always looked at different CALs but just never made the commitment. I found this CAL on facebook and joined the group the moment I saw it! She has over 2000 members now from all over the world. I think it will be fun plus I have never crocheted a bag before.

Picture courtesy of littlemonkeyscrochet

My linen stitch afghan has gone into hibernation these past couple of weeks. It is just too hot to crochet with wool right now. Once the weather begins to cool down again I will get back to it.

Other than biking and hiking the trails around town, it has been a rather relaxing summer. Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July here in America.