Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Work that Stitch Wednesday - Standing Stitch

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying my Wednesday posts. I am really learning a lot by doing these posts. Researching for tutorials for these stitches has really helped me understand the steps so much better. I hope it has help you as well.

I wrote about post stitch in my first installment of Work that Stitch Wednesday in this post. The Enchanted Garden Tote uses this stitch in a variety of ways. Bpsc (Back Post Single Crochet), Bphdc (Back post half-double crochet), Bpdc (Back post double crochet), Bptr (Back post treble crochet), Fpsc (Front post single crochet), Fphdc (Front post half-double crochet), Fpdc (Front post double crochet) and Fptr (Front post treble crochet) are all the post stitches throughout this pattern. So glad I have been checking out tutorials on the post stitch!! I will need to look at a few more tutorials for the different variance such as the half-double crochet and treble crochet post stitches, but I am at least familiar with the process already.

In my second installment of Work that Stitch Wednesday I wrote about the Bobble Stitch. Again this stitch is used in the Enchanted Garden Tote. It is called the Bubble Stitch in this pattern but it is pretty much the same stitch. A few great video tutorials can be found by clicking on this link.

Standing Stitch

The Standing Stitch is the stitch I will be writing about today. This stitch allows you to begin a new row in a new color without having to join the yarn the a slip stitch and chaining one and then a single crochet. I have used this stitch in the past but never really knew it was the standing stitch. Now that I have studied the tutorial I do believe this will be my go to stitch when I am working with rows of multiple colors. It keeps the edges so much cleaner! Please check out this terrific tutorial by Marly Bird.

The Standing Stitch is used in the Mandala portion of the tote at about row 8 right before you begin the Crocodile Stitch Flower and then again at around row 30.

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Until next week, be creative!!


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