Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lack of Creative Juices

Summer has been a bear on my creative juices! I have barely picked up my hook since mid-June. I was on such a roll and then Summer happened. And it isn't that I have had so many active outings that I just don't have time to hook. Nope, it is that I have become a hermit and have hid away inside. Away from the heat and away from the tourists.

I have constantly pinned new crochet ideas on to my Pinterest boards, but I haven't had the creative juices flowing enough to actually do anything. I know this slump will pass, it always does.

I will also be moving come mid-October. My plans were not to move until next summer, but an opportunity arose that we just cannot pass up. So my slow plan of packing and organizing is now compressed into only a month and a half. It is even harder on me since my husband is still away until mid-October. So beginning this Labor Day weekend I will start packing and discarding any items we don't need any longer. I was going to go to Colorado Springs and meet him for a long weekend get away, but we decided that with the move and Disney World vacation coming up we really needed to save our pennies and tough it out for another 6 and half weeks.

What I have been doing of late is adding to my stash!! Craftsy had a Black Friday sale this past weekend and I decided to buy some of the yarn I had been eyeing for awhile. It all came in yesterday!! Most of it is in hanks so I broke down and ordered a yarn winder. It will be in on Friday! I have a few hanks already in my stash and my attempt to hand wind was an epic fail. So with all the extras I decided to purchase a winder. Hopefully spending a few days winding gorgeous yarn will inspire my creative flow again.

I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update. I am still here, but just in a slump.


  1. I think creativity has its ebbs and flows, and I'm sure you'll be back on your game soon...but wow, moving! That's exciting and terrifying (OK, I'm thinking of packing up my house, eek). Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    I love my yarn winder. I read several knitter blogs who love winding yarn by hand but that's not me - I want to get it wound quickly so I can start my project!

    1. I am so glad I bought the yarn winder. I knocked out winding 8 hanks of yarn in under and hour!!