Monday, February 16, 2015


Long Lost Friends

As I sit and ponder over many days of long, 
I remember of long lost friends that carried me so strong.

The sun shone down upon their sweet souls with loving rays.
The days warmed their adventures and plays.
The nights caressed them as they rested and slumbered.

As I look upon myself in the mirror and count each line and wrinkle,
I remember those long lost friends that frolicked and laughed to no end.
I ponder about where these friends have went.
Oh, how I miss Youth and Innocence.

By: Gay Wynette

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Project Planning

I have gathered all the yarn I need to begin a huge February project! I haven't really did any crocheting since December. I think I became burnt out from all of the gift making during September thru December. So now I have rested my wrists and am ready to get back to crocheting.

I came across a couple of afghan ideas on pinterest and plan on incorporating them together.

Picture Courtesy of Rescued Paw Designs. I love the organic look of these colors. I am not working the brown into my color scheme, but sticking to the cream, denim blue, and gray.

Picture courtesy of Leisure Arts. I love how they incorporated the daisy motif into this adorable ripple! So I am going to do the same with my chevron afghan. I also love the border on this afghan as well!
Now that I have a set plan for my next project, I am looking forward to beginning. We will be heading out to Colorado at the end of the week and I will have this project as my road trip crocheting.

Got out this weekend and did some skiing at Park City Mountain Resort and captured a gorgeous picture of the surrounding area.