Monday, August 12, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration - Scarves, Shawls, Fabric Wall Art & Stockings

I have been MIA for the past two weeks due to moving. We only moved further into town, but a move is a move. All the packing and deciding to keep this and that was very overwhelming. Now it is the unpacking and deciding where we should now have this and that in the new home! Plus the new home is a tri-level with 4 flights of stairs! But once all moved in, it will be worth all the anxiety. We are now in the heart of Park City walking distance to main street and Park City Mountain Resort. So with all the moving I have not had anytime to crochet! I have had time to peruse Pinterest while at work though..hehehe! ;-)

With the crisp Autumn coolness in the morning air lately, I have been researching new scarf and shawl patterns. I found these lovelies!

This image is on the blog Black on Gold. It is a fashion blog and there is no pattern for the scarf but it is so cute and I think I can figure it out.
Very cute shawl from lorka on flickr. Again no pattern, but I think I can find the pattern on Ravelry.
Gorgeous shawl by Ecl at Dusoleil on Ravelry.
Now that I am in a new home, I of course need some new décor! My bedroom has a very high ceiling that means a very tall wall. So I saw this cute crafty idea to add a few pops of color without breaking the bank. You take fabric wrap it around a rectangle piece of Styrofoam and staple on the back!

A new place calls for new Christmas décor as well! I have been debating on making new stockings for the family for awhile now. I love the burlap look and think it would go so well with our new home!

Simple but cute!

I am hoping to be back in the groove of crocheting and finishing up a few of my WIPs this week! I hope some of these pins from Pinterest inspire you as well!