Thursday, March 23, 2017

Walnut Shawl

I was cleaning up my stash and project bins the other day and came across a long forgotten project, my Walnut Shawl!! I began this project back in October 2015. Yes, back in 2015!! I had completely forgotten about it. Since October 2015, I have added quite a few Cascade Super 220 Superwash Sport yarn colors. I have decided to add a jazz of blue to the shawl by incorporating the Lake Chelan Heather yarn I have in my stash. I only have one skein so I know I can not incorporate too many rows of the Lake Chelan Heather color, but just enough to give the shawl a bright contrast. I have quite a ways to go still, but it is a great project to pick up in between the hustle and bustle of my days.

I love how it is turning out!! Now I have to figure out an edging for the shawl.....


  1. Hey! I love how it's coming along. The blue really adds a nice pop. The pattern is quite nice too. Shawls have become a favorite for me. I keep one draped over my desk chair for easy access for when I need a little extra warmth while working on the computer.
    xx Beca

    1. Hi Beca!! Thanks so much. I do love the blue.