Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pinterest Inspiration - Crochet Tops

Last year I attempted to begin my first crochet sweater. It didn't turn out pretty. In fact, I gave up once the easiest portion was completed which was the bottom body portion. Once the pattern started going towards reducing and becoming more fitted I freaked and gave up. I still want to crochet a top. I have an easier one that I started which will end up being a tank top. It is hibernating right now, but the pattern is much easier.

While browsing Pinterest daily, yes daily, I have came across a lot of great looking crochet top patterns. Some are purchasable while others are free. I do find the purchasable patterns seem to have more elaborate techniques and look so professional. Then again it is by a person who really is professional and is good enough to sell their patterns.

Here are a few crochet top patterns that I really want to attempt:

 The Polar Star Poncho Sweater is so gorgeous!! This is a purchasable pattern but I feel will be well worth the money. The author of the pattern is Natalia Kononova and she has so many beautiful patterns on her site. I feel that if I start this project this spring I might can have it completed by next winter.

 A Kimono Crochet cardigan is definitely an item I would wear very often. This is actually a free pattern but it is a graphed pattern and I am not the best when it comes to graphs but I am willing to try it. You do this in four pieces and then connect them all. The pattern is posted by Noticias on Crochet Hooks and Yarn blog.

This poncho looks perfect for Fall weather!! It is a free pattern you can find on Yarnspiration. I just love the color of this yarn and think this will definitely be a project this Spring as well!!

So much inspiration on Pinterest!! I really think I will have to start the last poncho this Spring for sure. I hope these crochet tops have inspired you as well.


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