Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love Yarn Day!!!

Banner courtesy of Red Heart website
Yes, today is officially I love Yarn Day! I definitely love yarn. I can just stand in a yarn store or isle for hours just admiring all the color and textures. I am notorious for picking up almost every skein and just squeezing it. Maybe my American friends and fellow bloggers remember the charmin commercial always telling the store guy not to squeeze the charmin. That's me with yarn!!

So what do you do for I love Yarn Day you may ask? Well, you can do a lot of things.

Check out the official website for I love Yarn Day Organization and check out what others are doing for this wonderful day!

What did I do for this special day? I have a WIP in my bag so I can work on it during any down time at work today. I also completed a really cute and fast project. I made myself a new crochet hook case using a pattern by Alli Hyer. You can find the pattern here. It is not only a useful project but it also taught me a new stitch, the star stitch.


A very quick stash busting project. What I love the most is that you roll it out and can easily find the correct size hook needed for the project you are working on!
Everyone have a great weekend! And enjoy today by making something with some of your favorite yarn!


  1. That's a clever hook roll! I am with you...I touch and squeeze all the yarn.

  2. I've got several hook cases, but that one is definitely an is very organized! I was too tired today to do any yarny type things..but it's a 3 day weekend here in the US, so I've got 3 days to play...