Friday, June 28, 2013

FO Friday - Beginner's Triangle Shawl

TGIF!! I was going through my yarn stash this past weekend and came across a crocheted swatch block. And when I say a crocheted swatch block, I mean a two skein of Loop & Thread bulky yarn. I remember crocheting the large block just to get an idea of how soft and warm it would be to make a blanket out of the yarn. I, of course, never found it as marked down purchased more of the yarn to complete such a blanket. I decided to frog it and find a more useful way of using up 2 skeins of yarn. I thought the brand of yarn was the Homespun Lionbrand, but once I looked up the color and texture found it to be Loop & Thread Countryloom landscape.

While perusing the Lionbrand website patterns, I came across this quick and easy shawl pattern. It is called Beginner's Triangle Shawl and it is a really easy pattern. I was able to start one afternoon and finish up the next afternoon. I might have worked on it total for 3 hours.

These pictures just don't show the yarn color that great. It is a gorgeous mixture of blue, grey, and brown. It is also a very thick yarn. This shawl will keep me nice and warm this coming Autumn!

Please take a moment and check out Tami's Amis blog for more FO Friday's! Everyone have a great weekend!

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