Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration - Crochet Beaded Bracelet

Once again my interest has been peeked by a few pins I have seen on Pinterest. I came across a crochet beaded bracelet pin. The link sent me to Patternfish website where the pattern is by Diane L. Augustin.

Picture courtesy of Diane L. Augustine/Patternfish website

So being the cheap penny pincher person I am, I started perusing Ravelry and found a few free patterns.

Wind Rose Fiber Studio blog has a great tutorial for a Summer Cotton Crocheted bracelet.

Courtesy of Wind Rose Fiber Studio

I also found a purchasable pattern on Ravelry by Kimberly Dijkstra called jingle jangle crochet that provides 3 different crochet patterns. This pattern is the one I love:

So I have been inspired to venture into crochet jewelry making! I will have to ask assistance from my daughter when I begin these projects. She is our little jewelry maker in the family. I think she won't mind since she will be the intended owner of these.


  1. I really love that second bracelet, those greens and blues are totally my colors!

  2. The second bracelet is idea for Summer!! I do too love the greens and blues!