Friday, March 28, 2014

FO Friday - Hair Tie Headband & Mug Rug/Cozy Projects

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope your week went great and your weekend is even better!!

This week I worked on a cute mug rug and cozy. I had found the pattern and idea on Pinterest. The tutorial is by Wink @ It is a very simple pattern. The only thing I would recommend is that you have the mug nearby when you begin the cozy portion. By having the mug on hand you can adjust the cozy to match up with your mug as you crochet. I didn't do this and my cozy is a little wonky. I am still happy with it and how it turned out, but the next one I make I will keep the mug at arms length away to make sure it fits perfectly.

The cozy did a great job keeping my Chamomile Tea nice and warm!!

I also worked up a cute Hair Tie Headband! I have recently cut all my hair off and have an abundance of hair ties!! I thought about what I could do with them and came across a wonderful tutorial for a headband using hair ties! The tutorial is written by Kinga of My Hobby is Crochet. The tutorial and pattern is the Thread Headband. Kinga used crochet thread and so the look and texture is completely different than mine. I used Martha Stewart Cotton Hemp yarn which is much thicker. I was so glad that she included measurements for each section so I could adjust how many rows to fit the thicker yarn I was using.

I am still debating about adding a flower to the headband, but since I made it for my DD she gets to decide on the size and what kind. If she decides on a flower, I will make it with the ombre and teal colors shown in the left top corner. This headband is such a quick and easy pattern!! Kinga did a wonderful job with this tutorial and shared many pictures to help in each step. I am thinking the next one I make will be with a less dense yarn. There is no give in the cotton hemp which is why the hair tie is really necessary when making a headband out of this yarn. It gives that added stretch and give you need.

I am now thinking about another large project. I am considering another blanket and came across a beautiful project with a tutorial!! It is called the Primavera Flowers Granny. The tutorial is found on Dada's Place blog and written by Dragana Savkov-Bajic. The tutorial is very well written and includes terrific photos for each step. I love the color pallet she chose. I am in the process of searching for the best colors and yarn. I think that is my favorite step in deciding on a new project....the yarn search!!

Picture courtesy of Dada's Place Blog by Dragana Savkov-Bajic
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