Friday, May 24, 2013

FO Friday - Lacy Scarf

Hello, It is finally Friday!! This week was a long one. It always is when you are anticipating a three day weekend. I don't have any big plans for Memorial Day. I will probably go on a nice long bike ride and enjoy this nice weather we have been experiencing. Maybe do some single tracks at Round Valley Loop. It is really the only trail area that can handle bikes right now. The trails along Park City's Mid Mountain still have patches of snow and they are way too wet. We try to keep the trails in good condition for hikers and bikers.

Anyways, to my Finished Object for this Friday!! I completed my Lacy Scarf that I began on May 8th. I had completed the crocheting portion by the 10th but had not weaved in all the tails until last night. Yep, it sat on top of my crochet basket for two weeks just sighing at me to complete it. I finally decided I was tired of its poor sighing and weaved in its tails and added some buttons to make it into an infinity scarf.

I decided to make blocks of blue with the brown and blue stripes meeting in the back and front. It could also be worn where the stripes are on the side when you wrap it.

I had to pull out O' Lucy to model the scarf for me. My daughter was in no mood to be my model.
It was my first time using Redheart Soft Yarn. It is a heavier weight and gives the scarf a fuller and softer feel. I will love this scarf this coming winter. That is if I can keep it from my daughter!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take a moment to check out Tami's Amis blog and the many other creative bloggers with their FOs.


  1. Those buttons look like they were made for your scarf. Nice color combo.

  2. Beautiful scarf, very glamourous due to the bottons. :-) Enjoy your weekend. Regula

  3. Thanks everyone! The buttons have been sitting in my button drawer for awhile just waiting to be used. I think they make the scarf also. :)

  4. Lovely scarf! Glad I'm not the only one who puts off weaving in ends!

  5. Awesome scarf!! Love the colors.