Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunburst Granny Square Afghan

Sunburst Granny Square Block

I had not crocheted in many years when I decided to pick back up the hook and yarn. I came across this gorgeous pattern called Sunburst Granny Square by Priscilla Hewitt. I have always loved the looks of a circle in a square block. I used Caron yarn in Soft Sage and Beige, as well as,  Red Heart in Aspen. This project took a month to complete. I love how it turned out. In joining my squares I used the Invisible Seam joining technique by Leonie Morgan.

I spray blocked each block as I went. The tutorial on by Kim Werker is wonderful. Go and check it out here.

        My process was to:
1. Crochet the center circles in either the Soft Sage or Beige
2. Crochet the puff stitch round in the Aspen
3. Crochet the cluster stitch in either the Soft Sage or Beige......I love how the cluster stitch gives the "Sunburst" effect.
4. The remaining row colors were then crocheted in the alternating yarn color.
My process of figuring out how I will join the blocks and realizing I am short by one block!!
For my first afghan ever by myself, (I used to crochet with my Mom in my teenage years, but she always came up with the pattern and finished the project) I think it turned out so beautiful. I am giving this one to my sister.
Completed view...Sorry for the folded version, but it was too large for me to get a really good picture.

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