Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daisy Blanket Inspiration

I am such a Pinterest fanatic! Recently I came across this pin:

Picture acquired from Pinterest
When I clicked on the pin it didn't take me to any original site that could direct me to the pattern. I searched Ravelry for a pattern close to this one, and came up short. I have been searching for about 2 weeks now. I want to make this blanket!! Well, I happened to be on Pinterest today and came across this lovely pin:
Lanas De Ana blog - Daisy Blanket
The blog didn't have a tutorial and it was in French, but it had a link!! Yes, this wonderful blogger linked to the original tutorial.
Picture acquired from Tillie Tulip Blog

Tillie Tulip Daisy Tutorial is a great picture tutorial. I am so looking forward to adding this to my project list. I love daisies and this will be the perfect Spring project. I will post pics once I begin!!


  1. Lucky you! I'm sure the blanket will be beautiful. Have fun making it. Regula

  2. Thanks :) I have a couple WIPs I need to complete and then it's off to the yarn store! LOL...any reason to yarn shop I'm all for it!

  3. It always amazes me what color can do to a blanket. I adore the pattern in the first photo, but the second photo doesn't move me at all. Must be my sense of symmetry?

    1. I agree...the first picture's color scheme and border pattern is so inviting. Thanks for stopping by!