Monday, June 15, 2015


Well our June has been a mix of rain, hail, and beautiful sunshine!! We have finally got a break in all the rain these past couple of weeks. We have been enjoying graduation ceremonies, hiking, biking, and DIYing!! Plus some extra fun time crocheting outdoors while listening to the laughter of kids playing in the park close to our townhome and the song birds in our shady trees.

First off my daughter graduated from high school this month!! She was doing the online virtual high school program and decided not to walk for graduation. She did go and support her friends at her old high school. She is a low key type of person and didn't want a big fuss made over it.

So a picture of a graduation bouquet that one of her friend's gave her. It was very sweet and thoughtful of her. My daughter said for us to save the big celebration when she graduates from college! Wow, I'm not ready to think about that just yet!!

We have enjoyed some great off the beaten path hiking up around the Provo Falls area near Mirror Lake! It was raining most of the time while we were hiking, but it didn't deter us at all!! I am loving the wildflowers that are blooming all around us. Here are a few we captured along our hikes and a hiking selfie!! :))

I was able to go on a nice long bike ride this weekend. I started on the rail trail then jumped onto Round Valley which then I biked through the Kimball Junction area to Willow Creek Park where I followed the trail path onto McPollin Farms. It ended up being a 20 mile loop. It was so sunny and warm. A lot of other bikers were out enjoying the pleasant weather along with lots of hikers with their four legged pals!

I finally finished up my futon bed frame transformation project! My husband made a nice large lawn chair that I painted a vibrant teal. I then painted the other half of the futon frame and the husband mounted my planters that I had painted vibrant plum, teal, and yellow! I have some strawberries, onion chives, burpee onions, and lemon thyme planted in a couple of the planters and they are growing and blooming! I planted some petunias, verbana, and lobelia in the other two. The planter trellis can hold even more plants and by the end of summer and fall I am hoping it is busting from all the flowers and plants it can bear. I also have some marigolds in another planter that the husband mounted on the privacy fence. I am also attempting to grow a blue hydrangea in a planter. I am hoping it survives.

My chair needs a cushion made for it. I haven't had the chance to go to Joann's in Salt Lake City as of yet. But I can't wait to tackle that project. Any ideas on the color I should choose? I was thinking either a plum or a cream to match the painted planters.

So with the new chair made and my courtyard filled with pretty plants and herbs I have been enjoying some outdoor crocheting. I am almost to the point on my linen stitch afghan where I need to begin weaving in the ends and start the border!!

I hope everyone's summer has been filled with lots of fun activities and the sweet smells of blooming flowers!!


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