Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello all! It has really been a cold couple of days here. Sundance is happening in town and we are swamped with tourists. Driving 6 miles down the road is taking 20 to 30 minutes, but it happens every January. I tried my best to be on vacation this year during Sundance, but I couldn't get into the resort I wanted until the day after! Just my luck!! But I think this year since it is not snowing, I will walk up to main street this weekend and do some D List Celebrity stalking. I'm not much of a star gazer except for the stars in the sky, so I will probably not even know who is a celebrity and who isn't.

The skiing has been hit and miss for me. I had knee surgery in June and have to wear a knee brace while doing anything sporty. So I'm skiing slower and a lot more cautious. I have yet to ski near the slope that took me down, but I will face my nemesis before the season ends!

Last Wednesday I met the husband after work for a few ski runs. All day I was thinking it was an ugly overcast day because you couldn't see much. Once I go up on the mountain, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day. We had some very low clouds that were covering the valley floor so sometimes we were riding up the ski lift through the clouds. It was a great couple of hours on the mountain. My husband captured some great pics while he was waiting on me to meet up with him.

Salt Lake City is under that blanket of clouds! My husband said it was his view from his office! Lucky man, because my view really sucks from my office!!

The husband also captured some great pictures of my daughter skiing in the deep powder we got in one day!

On the crocheting side of the house, I haven't really done much since the new year. I have a project in mind and all the skeins of yarn required. Hopefully I will have something to show next month. I'm planning on taking it on my trip next month and work on it during our driving.

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