Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Hooded Scarf

Hello Everyone. My blogging has taken a back seat as well as my crocheting these past few months. Sorry for the lapse in blogging, but I just haven't had a very creative spirit as of late. I have been enjoying the snow and ski season. So instead of crocheting or crafting I have been spending most of my time outdoors on the ski slopes.

A view of Peak 9990 at the Canyons Resort in Park City, UT. It was a perfect bluebird day to hit 94 turns!!

My face is completely covered because it was about 15 degrees and I was freezing!

~Hooded Scarf by Sedruola Maruska~

I came across this lovely pattern on Pinterest last month and I just had to purchase it!! I have always wanted to work up a hooded scarf, but never really found the right pattern. I love the edging detail in the hood and it has some cabling as well. So a very rich textured scarf and hoodie. This is a purchasable pattern, so I cannot share too much about how to make it, but the pattern level is for Intermediate Beginners. Hopefully, I can conquer making this lovely hooded scarf. If you are interested in purchasing the pattern you can find it here.

Picture courtesy of
Even though I do know how to do a cable stitch, I was a little confused on the directions of this particular cable stitch. It is more of a long double cable stitch that crosses over and I found a great video tutorial to help me understand it better.

Cross-Over Long Double Crochet Stitch by CrochetNCrafts

I came across this lovely colored green yarn on clearance the other week. It is a Bernat product called Vickie Howell Sheepish. It is 30% wool and 70% acryllic. Although I love the blue in the pattern picture, I thought the green would be just as lovely. I hope I bought enough skeins to complete the hooded scarf because I would hate to need more. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Progress has been pretty good considering I just started yesterday. I have 75% of the scarf part completed and will begin the hood part today.
Crazy how the lighting in the second picture makes the green look so light!
Everyone have a great week. And for those that are in the middle of this horrible East Coast storm, stay warm and safe.

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  1. The hooded scarf is so pretty. It almost looks knit. I like your color choice. I'm sure it will turn out so nice.

    1. Thanks Foxxy! I thought the same thing, it has a knit vibe about it.

  2. Fingers crossed there's enough yarn for the whole hood! I hate when you run out. the green is lovely, I bet it's gonna turn out great

    1. I was lucky enough to catch the last two skeins in the clearance bin just the other day!! So I will have enough and hopefully extra!