Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking Forward to 2014 - Felt Wall Art Inspiration

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!! Sorry for being MIA for so long, but the holidays were very busy for me. I have been working some long hours along with trying to fight a lingering cold. My creative spirit has been rather dormant because of being sick and working so much. I just could not muster up any creative juices these past few weeks. I began a few projects, but have not completed them. I have pulled out old projects to just put them back away. I am looking forward to a new year and hoping to get out of this slump real soon. So when I begin falling into this non-creative rut, I begin perusing the internet for some much needed inspiration.

I hope these pictures helps anyone else that maybe suffering a creative slump as well. Although I do love my favorite hobby of crocheting, I am feeling the need to venture into some uncharted territory of embroidery and felt crafts. I think when you begin to lose a creative spark you need to look in another direction and see if it will rekindle.

Until next time, go out and enjoy the great outdoors and become inspired!!

From my family to yours...Happy Holidays and have a Creative, Inspiring New Year!!


  1. Hi there! I was pretty well flattened by Christmas too, but feeling better now. I like your inspiration photos and the wonderful photo of your family. Send me some snow!

  2. Just found your blog and have enjoyed having a poke around. I have managed to finish my Elise Shawl, take a look - it is a fab pattern. Jo x

  3. I have never tried felting but love the look!
    Agree that sometimes all you need to spur some creativity is to go outside ♥