Monday, September 21, 2015

Wasatch Autumn Shawl

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone is being blessed with some cooler weather with cool crisp Autumn in the air. I must say that Autumn is my favorite season of the year. I just love the changing colors that surrounds me here in the Wasatch Mountains. All the vibrant reds, burnt oranges, and bright yellows!! So I had to make a shawl that represented the Autumn Foliage this time of year.

I used Lion Brand Heartland yarn which is 100% Acrylic but has a very soft feel to it. I used the vibrant yellow colorway of Yellowstone; the burnt orange colorway of Yosemite; a pretty bark colorway of Big Bend; and then finished it off with the deep dark earth brown colorway of Sequoia. I will admit the Sequoia was a happy mistake. I had ran out of the Big Bend and thought I had purchased the yarn at Michael's but instead I had ordered it from Craftsy. So of course Michael's did not have the Big Bend colorway but the Sequoia and I decided to take the chance of using the darker brown. I only had a couple of more rows that needed the brown. I decided to border the complete Triangle Shawl in the darker brown and then added a couple of rows of it also in the edging. I loved how it turned out. To me it has a little bit of a 70's vibe to it with the yellow and dark brown, but it represents the colors of my Autumn.

In the process of blocking...because the yarn is 100% acrylic I just pinned it out and sprayed some
 water on it in order to set the edging. And yes I was cheap and used card board as my base to block on.
I'm happy with this one and feel that it showcases the colors of the Wasatch Mountains in Autumn. Just a little collage of our Autumn colors here in the Wasatch!

I went with the Beginner's Triangle Shawl pattern that you can find for free on Lion Brand's website. For the edging I used Doris Chan's edging pattern from her All Shawl pattern. I did have to do some modifications to the tip/bottom portion of my shawl because her shawl is worked top to bottom and the Beginner's Triangle Shawl pattern is worked bottom to top. I think it turned out great and love the extra umph the tip has.

Love the end result and very happy with the colors!!

Until next time!! Enjoy the cooler weather!

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