Friday, September 5, 2014

FO Friday - Ripple Blanket & Slouchy Beanie

I finally captured some pictures of a couple of my finished projects. I have more, but just ran out of good light to take pics yesterday.

I am on this ripple/chevron theme of late. I think it is the easy repetitiveness that I enjoy. Then the end results are just amazing to look at.

I used Red Heart Soft yarn in colorways of Seafoam, Teal, Off White, and Chocolate. This one has become my couch blanket! It is extremely soft and cuddly!!

I also began a few Christmas projects. I can post one of the projects because it is for my daughter and she has seen and checked out the sizing already. It's a cute slouchy beanie. I used the pattern by Calleigh's Clips & Crochet Creations called Key Tab Slouchy. It was a quick afternoon project that I could put down and pick back up without missing a step. There are also patterns for fingerless gloves & boot cuffs that I plan on making along with the beanie.

I used the Red Hear Soft Teal yarn that I had left over from the Ripple Afghan. The buttons are cute ones that I grabbed from Joanne's Fabric.

Have a wonderful weekend! The weather is cooling down and we have some bright patches of reds and yellows scattering across the mountains. I plan on taking a nice leisure hike this Sunday and capture some of these amazing colors.

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