Monday, November 18, 2013

Elf Hat & Snow Hiking

Hello everyone!! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but it has been a very busy few weeks for me and not much crafting has been happening.

Elf Hat Pattern

I am very much into the Christmas spirit! I have been perusing Pinterest and Ravelry for some Christmas ornaments and hat ideas. I found a great pattern for a pixie/elf hat on Ravelry and just had to sit down and make one. The Crochet Pixie Cap by Teresa Richardson is an easy and fun little cap to make.

I went with non-traditional colors of aqua and grey. The brim has a row of popcorn stitches that make it a little more whimsical. One great thing about this pattern is once you are at the width you want you just keep crocheting in the round until you reach your desired length. Also the pattern link has video instructions!! I find video instructions very useful when you are trying a new stitch. I had never done the popcorn stitch prior to this pattern, so having the video was great. I am now working on another cap that will be striped.

Snow Hiking!!

This weekend we had some phenomenal snow fall! Sunday was a day off for the husband and I, so we decided on a nice snow hike. Enjoy the few pics we took during our hike!

Enjoy your week!!


  1. Burr! Makes me cold just looking at your pictures but it does sound like fun to go on a snow hike. Snow makes everything look so pretty.

  2. One thing about the Utah cold is that it is a dry cold. So when the sun is out (like it was) you get pretty warm quick. We actually hiked majority of the hike without our coats because the hike up the mountain was vigorous and warmed you up quick! I do love how snow can cover everything and make it look so perfect. :)

  3. How nice to see your lovely face! The elf hat is adorable, and I am very jealous of your snow! Send me some please :))))

    1. Awww, thanks! We are expecting more snow this week!! Yay!! Hopefully we have a great ski season.