Monday, December 2, 2013

Felt Ornament Kits - Christmas Time Decorating

Hello everyone! Well, December is upon us and it is time to begin the festive decorating of the home. I do love this time of year! Not only are we celebrating Christmas, but the ski slopes are open and winter skiing is in full affect!

I have gathered many crafty items to begin my month of Christmas crafting. I have a few garland wreaths that need to be decorated and hung along with complimentary garland. It is time to begin stringing up the lights and decorating the Christmas tree. I also purchased some burlap to make my Christmas stockings. I came across some really cute felt ornament kits.

I saw these cute little whimsical bird ornaments and just had to grab them. Granted I am not the best hand seamstress and embroidery seems to elude my abilities, I just cannot wait to make these darling little birdies!! The kit comes with everything you need including a needle! I think they will be very cute adorned to the burlap stockings I am planning on making. What cute winter projects are you making? I would love to hear about them.


  1. Ha Ha! Looks like we both have birds on the brain this holiday season :)))))

    1. So true!! Then again I am a bird brain so making little birds is not that far off. LOL!! :)